Amazing Tips For Ignite Fat Burner Without Count Any Calorie

Amazing Tips For Ignite Fat Burner Without Count Any Calorie

Introduction Of Amazing Tips For Ignite Fat Burner Without Count Any Calorie

Amazing Tips For Ignite Fat Burner Without Count Any Calorie. if you’re looking to achieve a weight loss goal what you’re looking for is increasing fat-burning I mean you don’t want to just be losing water or not muscle mass what you want to be doing is tapping into fat burning mechanisms today I’m sharing with you three strategies that you can implement to tap into your own body’s fat-burning mechanisms and achieve your weight loss goal we’re currently in the summer intermittent fasting challenge with the am peeps it’s a four-week long challenge that utilizes a lot of the strategies actually that we’re going to be going over today it’s been cool to follow you guys along throughout this journey throughout this challenge as well as for myself to be part of it as you guys know I’m following the wedding protocol during this time but there’s also the hormone balancing pro the advanced weight loss strategies the athlete.

There’s a lot of other strategies that you could be used as well especially tailored to your goals so if you haven’t joined in on the challenge yet you can still jump in join us I’ll have the details for it down in the description below all right now let’s jump into those three strategies and you might have guessed it from what I said earlier but the first one is intermittent fasting now intermittent fasting can mean a variety of different things or even just fasting, in general, can mean a lot of different things this can range from just a simple short 12 hour fast to of course a 16 or an 18 hour fast there’s even made which is one meal a day or alternate-day fasting and then, of course, there’s even extended fast there’s a lot of ways to view just fasting or intermittent fasting, in general, I use a 16 hour fast roughly.

Some days it might be 15 some days it might be a little bit longer depending on my hunger levels but the type of fasting that you choose and how long you fast depends on your goals and your lifestyle as well as your schedule which plays a huge part in determining what type of fasting that you’ll be using consistently now intermittent fasting helps tap and fat burning mechanisms through a variety of different mechanisms that we’ve talked a lot about on this website but one of the most effective is the fact that it just simply limits the number of times that you’re eating throughout the day because you see every time that we eat we eat something we snack or we’re just eating throughout the day it causes our body to release the storing hormone insulin.

Insulin is something we talk a lot about on this website because it is so vastly important to fat burning. After all, here’s the thing when insulin is high-fat burning or the process of lipolysis which means the fat breakdown lipolysis is shut off so when insulin is high lipolysis is off and that means fat burning is off so if we’re constantly eating throughout the day from morning until night then that means we’re constantly going to be having that stream of insulin that’s secreted as a result and that fat burning is going to be consistently shut off and as we circle back to that goal of weight loss is fat burning this is a huge detriment to our goals so intermittent fasting itself just by allowing some fasting period for insulin levels to naturally dip back down it allows the body to tap into those fat-burning mechanisms and here’s the thing also with intermittent fasting.

That’s important to remember you’re not necessarily eating less you’re just eating less often eating less can have a lot of negative side effects as well especially without decreased metabolism increased hunger increased cravings for sugary foods that spike insulin so it’s not necessarily that you’re eating less you’re just eating less often now there are a variety of ways to implement intermittent fasting depending on your goals depending on your schedule depending on your food preferences and this can start just even at a 12 hour fast so there’s a lot of ways to implement it and if you are interested in more of the nitty-gritty details you can check out my full playlist my intermittent fasting 101 playlists right here I also have the complete intermittent fasting bundle.

Which is more of a step-by-step guide on implementing intermittent fasting as well as additional strategies to achieve your wellness goals I’ll have that linked down the description below okay and the second is to stop snacking now going back to the fact that every time we eat we secrete the hormone insulin and that’s our storing hormone that shuts off lipolysis shuts off fat burning now even if you are using intermittent fasting if you aren’t eating those true meals if you’re snacking throughout the day and you’re grazing within that window you’re still going to be getting those elevated insulin levels throughout that window as well you’re not going to allow your body to naturally dip back down on the insulin levels between meals not to mention the types of foods that typically most of us would snack on are going to be some of the worst offenders for raising insulin levels I mean think about it protein bars popcorn chips crackers candy bars granola chocolate the one thing.

That a lot of these have in common is that they’re either highly processed high in sugar or a very dense source of non-satiating carbohydrates without any of the protein or fat to allow your body to actually get satiated which means that you just end up eating more and more of these snacky types of foods because they don’t make you feel satisfied and because they don’t make you feel full they physically do not trigger those satiating hormones of peptide yy or cck cholecystokinin which means that you’re going to want to eat more and more of these highly insulin-producing foods so by removing these snack food items not only are you allowing for those natural dips of insulin between meals you’re also not eating the types of foods that going to cause a really big spike in insulin as a result as well which leads me into my third point is to focus on foods that are highly satiating and don’t cause that really big spike in insulin the types of foods that we eat as well also of course have a really big impact on how much insulin.

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