Why Most Of the people Use Apple Cider Vinegar With Intermittent Fasting

Why Most Of the people Use Apple Cider Vinegar With Intermittent Fasting

Introduction Of Why Most Of the people Use Apple Cider Vinegar With Intermittent Fasting

Why Most Of the people Use Apple Cider Vinegar With Intermittent Fasting. So if you’re usually gonna written fasting for weight loss just in general you’re inherently utilizing the strategy of decreasing your storing hormone insulin I mean that’s one of the main perks of intermittent fasting other than they improved gut health and got rest is that you get to lower your insulin levels as a result of just not eating as often when your levels of the storing hormone insulin are higher it shuts off something called lipolysis which means fat breakdown but on the flip side when insulin is lower it allows lipolysis to turn back on and therefore fat burning is turned up so with weight loss being the main goal then turning on lipolysis by helping to naturally decrease the insulin level is important and this is.

Where apple cider vinegar can come into play in the past one of the main focuses that apple cider vinegar has been on is helping with type 2 diabetes but for those same reasons they can also help with weight loss before researchers had dove into human trials with vinegar they found that in animal trials that the acetic acid which is within vinegar helped to suppress body mass in animals and since then researchers have been diving into vinegar and apple cider vinegar included as a potential aid in helping with weight loss those are interesting 2009 double-blind study was done in Japan on obese individuals and the individuals are broken up into three groups one group that drank 500 milliliters of just regular liquid second group had the seen 500 milliliters of liquid.

But it added in 15 mils we’re about a tablespoon or so of vinegar and the third group had the 500 milliliters of liquid as well but would be 30 milliliters or roughly two tablespoons of vinegar and throughout the 12-week study there about 50 people in each of these groups so about a hundred and fifty people total in the study which isn’t a huge study but it’s a step up from the twelve-person study that we’ve seen in the past for a lot of the other vinegar studies and by the end of the 12-week study both of those experimental group so both groups that had vinegar had decreased BMI Mr. Oh, fat waist circumference and triglycerides which is a marker of heart health and something I found interesting is that within the study there really weren’t any changes that were seen until the first four weeks were over and be almost four weeks going into the twelve weeks is when the researchers started to see that the vinegar groups both of them started to diverge from the control group.

So there could even be some time that it takes to see an effect as well somebody else really important to note is that the researchers have found a dose-dependent relationship between the vinegar and the benefits this essentially means that the group that had less vinegar had slightly less of the benefits and the group that had more vinegar at slightly more of the benefits you have to keep in mind this is still a very small amount of vinegar that was being used so just one to two tablespoons we’re not talking about having to drink this whole thing every day and a theory behind why it is that the vinegar or the acetic acid within the vinegar is so beneficial is because of its effect on low glucose insulin one small Swedish study had found that the blood glucose levels and insulin levels were improved by having acetic acid before a higher carbohydrate meal.

The study also found that the acetic acid seemed to help improve satiety of the meal as well and satiety is something that we know is extremely important we talked a lot about it on this channel because it helped to prevent those much more detrimental sugar cravings later in the day not to mention that eating until satiated helps make it see of those gaps three meals where insulin levels can naturally come back down with all this in mind this is why using apple cider vinegar it’s kind of a natural choice to pair with intermittent fasting. After all, intermittent fasting is the main goal is to help improve the insulin response and that seems to be what it is that apple cider vinegar is doing or just rather even vinegar, in general, is doing and personal weight loss isn’t a gold mine but I still really like to use the daily apple cider vinegar before my first meal with intermittent fasting.

Because stabilizing my blood glucose levels is very important to me I have found that my anxiety levels are just better improved when my blood glucose levels are more stable and personally I choose to have my apple cider vinegar about 10 to 15 minutes before I go to break when I fast and the way I do it is I start with a glass of water and I’m going to add in anywhere between one to two tablespoons worth of the apple cider vinegar as part of my complete and written fasting bond protocols I also added a pinch of sea salt into it as well and I prefer the Celtic sea salt as you can see I’ve used it’s quite a bit it’s seen some days and it’s also really important to make sure you’re sipping on this.

So same reason why it’s important to dilute it because if you have just straight vinegar or straight apple cider vinegar it can really cause a lot of stomach upset and it’s not really recommended diluting it helps to make it so you won’t get that nausea effect and by sipping on it over the course of five to ten minutes this also makes it so you’re not just chugging the apple cider vinegar and helping to prevent that’s a naja effect that can happen and something that I typically recommend to the am peeps who are using the bundle guidelines is you can even start off with less apple cider vinegar if you’re finding that’s just too strong for you at the moment so even just starting off of a teaspoon is a great place to start if you don’t like to have that whole tablespoon just yet in fact if you’re interested in the complete nerman frosting bundle I have it linked down the description below and while I’m drinking my apple cider vinegar or a CD sipper this is what I’ll also go to start to make my meal as well so that I can sip on the outside of vinegar while I’m prepping my meal in fact if you want to check out one of my favorite break fast meals.

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