Why Cauliflower Chips And Cracker Not Good For Weight Loss

Why Cauliflower Chips And Cracker Not Good For Weight Loss

Introduction Of Why Cauliflower Chips And Cracker Not Good For Weight Loss

Why Cauliflower Chips And Cracker Not Good For Weight Loss. cauliflower chips or cauliflower crackers I’m not sure if you guys have seen these lately but they’ve been popping up all over the place in my local health food stores I mean just cauliflower, in general, I feel like has become the new kale in the sense where it just can do no wrong which cauliflower has a lot of really great benefits but are the cauliflower tortilla chips or cauliflower crackers something that’s going to help you achieve your wellness or weight loss goals cauliflower rice which is where you just take cauliflower and you grate it into riced cauliflower and that’s a great substitute to a lot of those high insulin producing types of grains what I’m specifically referring to in this today are those highly processed types of chips and crackers.

That brand itself as using cauliflower as the base now cauliflower on its own just regular plain old cauliflower has a lot of really great benefits I mean just one cup has around three grams of fiber but also about three-quarters of our vitamin c daily needs it’s also high in certain antioxidants such as glucosinolates that are protective of cancer and you can use cauliflower in so many different ways it’s extremely versatile one of my favorite ways is to get that grated cauliflower or the cauliflower rice and make cauliflower rice burrito bowls or cauliflower rice hash to go along with your eggs you can also use it for a great swap for regular potatoes if you want like a mashed potato type of vibe and of course there’s always the traditional roasting or just even raw which are also very delicious.

Now, these forms of cauliflower are much different than the cauliflower that’s in the tortilla chips or those crackers crazy what’s very common is that cauliflower isn’t even the first ingredient or the main ingredient so when you look at the ingredients labels of just different food products it’s listed in order of how much it contains so if it’s listed first and that’s the main ingredient then the second ingredient list it would be like the second most et cetera et cetera and as I was looking through the grocery store at various brands that have this cauliflower tortilla or cracker experiment cauliflower is typically around the third ingredient what I’ve seen is typically the first ingredient is cassava flour and this is common with a lot of these different types of either tortillas or chips that say they’re gluten-free or that they are made out of.

I don’t know maybe chia seeds or different vegetables they usually are using cassava flour as the base and maybe sprinkling in some of those chia seeds or some of the vegetable powders I guess maybe desiccated vegetables or the vegetable breakdown from juicing it and cassava itself isn’t very rich in nutrients in fact around a quarter cup of the cassava fire contains around 24 grams of starch and only 2 grams of fiber that’s a pretty steep ratio of starches that’ll ultimately break down into those sugars and cause the blood glucose to spike and therefore the insulin to spike and shift your body into that storing mode where the two grams of fiber isn’t that much to slow down the release in terms of the glycemic index it’s definitely not one of the higher options but it is still something.

That’s rich in starch and doesn’t provide any of the satiating types of compounds of protein and fat that’s why it’s really easy to just keep eating chips or keep eating crackers never really feel full because it doesn’t have that protein or fat component that will cause your body to secrete peptide yy or cck which are our satiety signals from the body and tells our brain that we’re full this is one of the main reasons why I’m not a fan of these crackers or chips is because it just still promotes that snacking behavior and never really feeling satisfied I mean most people are going to eat something like these chips or crackers in between meals is like a snack which means that you’re shifting your focus away from eating until satiated and that means you’re going to be eating more frequently throughout the day.

This means that you aren’t going to get those benefits of those breaks between meals of that natural dip and insulin where your body can shift back into using fat as fuel and even though the cassava flour is gluten-free it’s still going to be promoting that snacking behavior that is not conducive for a weight loss goal or even for a gut healing type of protocol because as we know the migrating motor complex is so important for sweeping out left behind food and bacteria from your small intestine which helps to keep your small intestine healthy and prevent bloating and if you’re just continuing this snacking type of behavior especially with something that is processed like these crackers or chips it’s only going to further inhibit that MMC the migrating motor complex and further prevent you from achieving the gut-healing goals as well.

Now going back to specifically cassava since that is the main ingredient in a lot of these different types of alternative chips or even tortillas typically a lot of people say okay well you at least get the resistant starch from cassava flour which is beneficial for your gut helps to feed your gut bacteria helps to flourish a healthy gut microbiome but here’s the thing typically the cassava used in a lot of these different type of alternative chips and crackers or tortillas is highly processed into flour and some research shows that you lose a lot of those resistant starch benefits when it is highly processed it’s not that cassava flour is necessarily evil.

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