Eating Tips For Instant Weight Loss Read More About

Eating Tips For Instant Weight Loss Read More About

Introduction Of Eating Tips For Instant Weight Loss Read More About

Eating Tips For Instant Weight Loss Read More About. this helps to push your body into utilizing fat there’s this widespread misconception around losing belly fat or tapping into fat burning mechanisms that you need to be depriving yourself all day to achieve any results, and that’s just really not sustainable, and it’s just not true especially if you’re looking for long term results that will last, and we’re actually losing fat and not just muscle now usually I break down the science fact information the tips and strategies that you can use bu how you can achieve those goals especially in terms of belly fat now two main things I wanted to show you and walk you through today show you what I do with it are the types of foods that support fat loss as well as the type of activity.

That I do on a consistent basis in order to help achieve that fat loss goal or the fat burning goal as well I’m actually currently finishing up my fasting period and fasting is something that I use on a pretty consistent basis I don’t remember the last time that I haven’t used it on a given day so I’m finishing up my water that has a little bit of apple cider vinegar in it right now it is diluted and this is actually one really great tip and strategy on using apple cider vinegar before you go to eat your first meal because a big thing that’s really important for helping your body actually utilize fat which is something that you want for long term results of achieving a belly fat loss goal is to stabilize your blood glucose levels and usually people hear blood glucose and I think like diabetes but especially for weight loss these can actually go really hand-in-hand so what apple cider vinegar has been studied to do is it helps to actually stabilize the blood glucose level and can even therefore have an effect on lowering insulin levels from your meal.

Insulin is our storing hormone and it shuts off fat burning, so it shuts off the process hope life pollicis and when that’s present your body cannot use its fuel source aka fat as a fuel source and if your goal is to reduce overall body fat or belly fat we want to be focusing on up-regulating the fat burning process so cheers to that I’m gonna finish this okay so what I’m gonna be having for my meal is fast easy especially if you find that you are on the run a lot or if you just don’t generally have time to make a full meal that’s something that you can make in a pinch it’s so simple, and it provides everything to help stabilize your bugs with those level.

So I’m gonna be making a Greek yogurt type of parfait and for my Greek yogurt I use a full fat organic Greek yogurt and I know that can seem a little counterintuitive to include fat when you are trying to burn fat but this helps to push your body into utilizing fat so we have two main fuel sources that we use as an energy source it’s either carbohydrates or its fat protein we don’t use as a fuel source unless you’re in that state of starvation mode so to make sure that we’re utilizing the fuel source that we want to you we need to be eating enough of it to allow our body to use that fuel source so if we’re eating a lot more for example carbohydrates or sugars or starches then our body’s going to preferentially use those carbohydrates or sugars and starches and not use our fuel source our fat source if we actually have fat in our diet and not as much of those sugars and starches that make it so our body.

will be more likely to use the fat and allow our body to basically get retrained into using fat as fuel and Greek yogurt oh my gosh one of my favorite additions that I’ve had lately for overall goals belly fat goals fantastic because it has those components stabilized low glucose levels but it also is just going to I’m like swinging this around like those dangers I’m gonna fling it into the camera back so the Greek yogurt is also going to have a lot of protein so what makes Greek yogurt different from just like regular yogurt is that it’s strained to remove some of the way but also a lot of the lactose and lactose is the milk sugar so it’s going to be a lot lower in the milk sugar than just regular yogurt but it’s also going to have a lot more protein and it’ll vary depending on house trained it is with the brand but this one has oh it’s a 3/4 cup for this one has 13 grams I usually have around a cup so let’s do some quick math there I bet there’s so many people right now who are just shouting.

The answer okay if I did the math right should be about 17 or 18 grams of protein for a cup if I got that math wrong let me know the comments below, but the brand will also really depend you know on how much protein you’re getting from it in that satiety level also significant for belly fat loss because if you’re feeling constantly hungry then you’re going to be eating every few hours right and that means that you’re always going to be secreting insulin throughout the day and remember insulin is a thing that shuts off our body’s ability to use fat as fuel so if we eat more of the foods that contain high-quality fat high-quality protein like Greek yogurt and that’s going to make it so that we don’t have those consistent spikes of insulin and our body can not you dip back down into fat-burning okay so let’s add a little bit more to this now really be fat enough that you add on to here is going to be dependent on the individual so that some people will require.

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