Set The Time To Workout For Weight Loss According To Your Schedule

Set The Time To Workout For Weight Loss According To Your Schedule

Introduction Of Set The Time To Workout For Weight Loss According To Your Schedule

Set The Time To Workout For Weight Loss According To Your Schedule. If weight loss is your goal then switching your workouts around may help you better achieve that goal faster today I’m breaking down the best time to work out to achieve your weight loss goals in today’s article guys needed my website talking about the science back in holistic methods that you can use in our achieve your wellness dreams so if you have a wellness goal in mind make sure you Okay so first things first this is specific to weight loss because it’s really where to remember that there are a ton of different ways that we could go with exercise and weight loss is just one of them I mean of course there’s endurance and power and strength training there’s a lot of different directions we can go with it so for today’s article.

These strategies are explicitly referring to weight loss, and one of the main goals or the main goal with weight loss is to help your body optimize fat burning without really tapping into your muscle mass I mean you don’t want to be working out just to keep breaking down your muscle stores and not getting the benefit of your workout which has a complete side note this is why I recommend using body fat percentage and muscle mass as a key way to determine your progress rather than just relying on the scale which I did a whole article on and you can check out the details board right here continually breaking down your muscle when you’re working out is really not conducive to your goals and it’s not sustainable and it also can lead to rapid weight gain as well and with that in mind.

Whether you’re using intermittent fasting or you’re not one of the best times that you can exercise is first thing in the morning in a fasted state now keep in mind this is even if you aren’t using intermittent fasting still working out without anything in your system especially for weight loss is a really good strategy it all comes down to a few hormonal reasons first is that your cortisol is already naturally higher in the morning cortisol is a catabolic hormone which means it’s going to be in more of that breakdown mode it also means that you’re going to have more energy available to you as a result I mean this is why we naturally have those higher levels of cortisol in the morning because we need to make sure that we have the energy to get out of bed and start our day this can also aid in that bump of energy for that workout especially.

If hormone balance is a big concern and this is something you want to factor and to help just make sure that you are optimizing your cortisol levels with your workouts because when you workout depending on the intensity you are going to produce cortisol as well this is just a natural byproduct of the hired be exercised and when it comes to belly fat we must be balancing those cortisol levels and not having it spiked throughout the day especially later in the day when we’re supposed to have naturally lower levels of cortisol because those higher levels of cortisol or those high levels of these stress hormones are strongly linked to increased belly fat so by having your workout in the morning you’re taking advantage of the fact that you already naturally have those higher levels of cortisol.

Can you aren’t going to throw that cortisol out of balance later okay the second main reason is growth hormones now first thing in the morning in a fasted state you do have naturally higher levels of growth hormone helps to repair and protect your muscles which are of course essential if one of the main goals of weight loss is to lose fat, not muscle by working out the morning you’re taking advantage of that naturally slightly higher levels of growth hormone in that facet state first thing in the morning great at the highest amount of growth hormone that your body will secrete will be in the evening when you’re sleeping and this makes a lot of sense because when you’re sleeping is when your body’s going through?

The most muscle recovery the most repair this one your body’s just taking all those stressors it was put on from the previous day including your exercise and repairing those systems so although you do have those massive spikes with growth hormone when you are sleeping this doesn’t mean that we want to be working out in the middle of the night. You are getting those massive spikes because you are sleeping and that’s when that rest and repair is occurring in fact lack of high-quality sleep can have a really big effect on reducing growth hormone so optimizing your sleep making sure you’re getting that deep high-quality sleep is essential to optimize that growth hormone improves body composition and also, therefore, achieve your weight loss goals not to mention all the other negative things.

What happens when you get poor quality sleep like increase hunger hormone increase sugar cravings the next day which I have a whole playlist on that and you check out all that link below so that’s just to reiterate how important it is to not work out in the middle of the night even though that’s when you would be having more of a higher amount of growth hormone secretion but compared to that we do have a slight bump in that growth hormone first thing in the morning and this is something that you can take advantage of and you can further help to boost your growth hormone and those muscle protecting and fat-burning benefits that go along with growth hormone with intermittent fasting.

Which has been found to help significantly increase that growth hormone effect the third factor is insulin now for this one to make sense we have to go back to growth hormone and remember growth hormone is essential for repairing those muscles and making sure that your body back wording and when you’re in that fasted State that’s when growth hormone is going to be a little bit tired however when you go to eat and especially if you are having something rich in carbohydrates like oatmeal or a really big smoothie bowl with a ton of fruit and honey and granola this will cause that spike in insulin not only is our fat-storing hormone but studies have also found that influent it’s a present it can decrease the secretion of growth hormone when you fasted that means you haven’t eaten anything.

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