How To Fat Burn With Breakfast For Intermittent Fasting

How To Fat Burn With Breakfast For Intermittent Fasting

Introduction Of How To Fat Burn With Breakfast For Intermittent Fasting

How To Fat Burn With Breakfast For Intermittent Fasting. So today we’re going to be making my fat burning Chia porridge with raspberry compote sounds so fancy I know but it’s actually ridiculously simple and you could even make this in advance for the entire week if you wanted to with just a few minutes now because this is the chia pudding face it is going to be plant-based friendly also super high in fiber and the healthy fats, as well as some protein too I mean that’s what we’re always talking about for one key component for helping you to achieve your wellness goals, is making sure that you’re satiated I’m proud of the recipes that are within this it came out of the aim keeps asking for more recipes that they could specifically use with a level up guide so what’s unique about these recipes is that they also have a key letting you know which recipes are best for certain protocols within the guide so, for example, there’s going to be.

Some that are best for gut healing versus those that are better for advanced weight loss techniques or if you’re an athlete there’s some for those as well there’s also modifications to help each of the recipes fit aim to the categories too and this cookbook was designed for the level up guide in mind so you can always dip your toe into the intermittent fasting bundle by first testing out some the recipes here and pairing it with your specific protocol from the level up guide in the complete interim fasting bundle now the cookbook is split up into breakfast lunch and dinner which makes it very simple to understand when each of these should be eaten and some of my favorite recipes include huevos rancheros which are amazing the crunchy curry salad wrap and then the all-time favorite that I’m also making for dinner tonight.

The chipotle collie tacos oh my gosh and today is the official release date for the cookbook grandma the a in Pete’s got a little sneak peek in yesterday who was in the am Pete Facebook group I can check out the link for the cookbook down below but let’s jump straight into making the Chia porridge with the raspberry compote and I have to say it like that because I feel like I’ll fancy so the ingredients as I mentioned are very simple there’s a very easy recipe and this recipe serves two but you can always double it or cut it in half if you only want to serve one the first thing we’re going to do is make the actual base so the actual chia porridge or chia pudding this is about a quarter cup of chia seeds can’t be good I’m gonna put that into this bowl so like I said we’re making the chia pudding base fun fact this bowl was my grandma.

So for the actual liquid base we have two different ingredients here versus coconut cream which you can either get from you know the top of coconut milk and the hardened part at the top or you can just buy it on its own in a separate can where they just sell the coconut cream itself it’s a little warm here in LA so my coconut cream is a little more liquidy it’s typically going to be the harder type of cream that’s not the top I’m gonna pour this in as well this is a half a cup of coconut cream and that’s where you’re going to get a lot of the station fat not only from the chia seeds but also from the coconut cream okay and then also another half cup of coconut milk so you could use if you want to just keep it very simple and just use the canned coconut milk and use more of the actual liquid base you could go about it that way too.

But I have homemade coconut milk on hand I’m just gonna do it and if you haven’t heard me say it ten thousand times make homemade coconut milk it is so simple for this and a great trick that you can use just help increase the flavor of the chia pudding or the Chia porridge is to just add you know a pinch of sea salt that should help snatchler boost the flavors so that’s all in my bowl and just stir this around make sure to break up little clumps as well because you want this all to just be cohesive you could even use a whisk or a fork for this I try and limit the number of dishes that I have to clean and I’m gonna be using this rubber spatula in a second anyway now you want to let this say it depending on how hot it is outside at least 30 minutes it’s warmer outside then it’ll take a little bit less time for this to form the porridge so we’re gonna set this aside and make the next part so the actual compote that simple that’s completely done before the compote.

We’re going to be using some raspberries I love raspberries these are frozen organic raspberries that I just got from Whole Foods and this is a 10-ounce bags and we’re going to add this over to our pan that we have right here old things kind of add a little bit of a different flavor I’m also going to add in freshly chopped ginger this is about a tablespoon you don’t have to add it you’re not a fan of ginger but I think that the combination of raspberry ginger is just really amazing I’m gonna add these and the last ingredient for the compote is just one lemon that I do so I’m just gonna add this in like a low medium-low heat you just want to flatten that out a bit let it sit there and cook and just start to melt a bit and start to release the raspberry juices, okay so it’s been about 10 ish minutes since I first put this in its smells.

So good in here but you can also see how much this is melted and made a sort of like a jammy type of consistency what I’m gonna do is just lightly press down on these just to make it a little bit more broken down you don’t have to do this but I like to do it just so it’s like a little bit more broken down just be careful because you have this can steam very easily so the idea is either wear it shirts that I don’t care about which I do care about the shirt or you just like stand a little bit further away and I’m gonna turn this off and let it cool while we wait for the chia pudding this recipe great especially if you make it a night before or at least the chia pudding part the night before so that you haven’t already done you don’t have to wait for it and something cool to keep in mind with the compote there’s no sugars attitude this is just the sugar that’s within the raspberries itself which you would have probably already used in a smoothie anyway.

So the chia pudding has been sitting so you can see I’m gonna get a different angle because I’m not gonna spill on my computer again so you can see that it’s much more thick and in fact the longer that you let it sit the more thick that’ll get as well so if you like it on the thicker side then I would wait a little bit longer but I’m going to get this accord up together alright so since this recipe does make two servings I’m going to use about half of this and then I’m going to pour half of the compote on as well probably isn’t going to be as pretty as my initial picture when I really worked hard on making it pretty it looks good the last main ingredient in here is a tablespoon of either own butter peanut butter cashew butter whatever butter you like right so I’m just gonna not very prettily you drizzle listen yeah the picture is way better because I really like cacao nibs I’m also going to add that on so the recipe doesn’t officially call work accountants but I’m out of mom because I really love them and that’s it by the way the whole recipe will be listed down the description below so that you can just take it and go okay so let’s try this would you that’s like no cacao nibs I need way more than that oh my god the raspberries and ginger plus the cacao in there which makes it taste like just regular chocolate and the chia seeds great Wow in fact if you even like warm breakfast.

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