Intermittent Fasting Mistake Why You’re Hungry More After Eating Break Fast

Intermittent Fasting Mistake Why You’re Hungry More After Eating Break Fast

Introduction Of Intermittent Fasting Mistake Why You’re Hungry More After Eating Break Fast

Intermittent Fasting Mistake Why You’re Hungry More After Eating Break Fast.  Now first of all why does it matter if you get hungry it was a really important component especially if weight loss is a goal of yours these as we know with increased hunger comes increased snacking as well and with increased snacking you’re getting even less gut rest between those meals within your window which means that it’s effectively shutting off your MMC pathway between those meals which is going to cause more bloating as a result so not only will increase hunger cause more of the bloating because of the snacking it also means that you’re more likely to make those few decisions that are not going to support your momís goals so when you’re hungry you’re like really feeling hungry there’s usually a state of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

That’s going on with it as a result and this is a state where you really can’t fight your physiology you know it’s actually kind of dangerous to have low blood sugar so your body is going to be looking for those fast sources of energy that are typically just high sugar types of foods so that’s why you’re going to be craving those foods that are more sugar dense especially at the end of the day or between meals which will cause your insulin to spike which will cause you to be more of that storing mode which will not help you do achieve your wellness goals so simply put you cannot fight your physiology which means that we want to make sure that you aren’t hungry between your meals now let’s take a look at why you aren’t even hungry during your fasted State so when you first wake up your body is naturally in a fat-burning state.

Your blood glucose levels are stable you haven’t eaten anything to really cause that spike or fall in your blood glucose levels and so you’re just using that steady source of fuel from your own fat stores which means as a result you’re not going to be hungry now if you get really hungry after your first meal especially with intermittent fasting then you’re probably doing these one of two things wrong when you go to break your fast now the first is you’re eating a meal that causes you to have a really big spike in fall in your blood glucose levels so remember hunger one of them things that are associated with it is hypoglycemia or low blood sugar now when you are in that fasted State your blood glucose levels very stable but if you go to have something that’s really high in sugar or really high in carbohydrates in general it’s going to cause a spike in your blood glucose levels which means that insulin is going to rush over to try and bring it back down and as a result you overcompensate and bring it back down below that baseline.

Which is the hypoglycemia area which is where you experience those sugar cravings or that insatiable type of hunger especially if you’re feeling really hungry you’re ravenous within one to two hours after your meal that’s a huge sign that hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is in play now do you guys remember that breakfast mistakes Article that I did if not check the card for the details I’ll also have it linked in the description down below but one of the things I talk about in that is not using a very high carb meal to break your fast for this exact reason now there are a ton of other ways to make sure that you get those satiating types of meals that’ll stay plus your blood glucose levels I’ve shared quite a few recipes as well I’ll have my favorite fat-burning smoothie that I used to break my fast again link down below but if you are getting that one to two hours after your meal of extreme hunger then it’s important to make sure that.

You’re looking at how stable your blood glucose is getting from your first meal and if it isn’t very stable then making sure that you adjust your meal to allow for that and then the second problem is that you don’t have enough of either protein fat or fiber or all of them even if you aren’t eating a high carbohydrate meal it’s still possible you simply aren’t eating enough of the right foods in order to be satiated and each of these three components has a different mechanism for how it turns off our hunger and makes it so that we are satiated no fiber its main goal is that it’s actually acting as a stretch mechanism within the stomach that tells your brain that it’s full now this affects that immediate satiation which is how you feel full when you actually go to eat not just hours later protein on the other hand causes a secretion of something called peptide YY and this acts moral not chemical side rather than the physical side of satiation where peptide or py will physically slow down the intestine digestion.

This allows for your body to better absorb the nutrients so that it can slow it down and you’ll physically grab the nutrients from your food and this slowing effect is what’s going to make it so that you are not hungry between meals and what’s cool is that both fat and fiber also have an effect on peptide YY and speaking of v that has another mechanism where stimulate something called C CK or cholecystokinin and this slows down the release of food from the stomach to the small intestine which just like with peptide YY this helps you again slow down the release so that you are going to be full between meals if you didn’t have these components then it’s going to be a much faster move through your intestines which means that you’re not going to be a satiated for as long and therefore also feel hungry right after your meal and a great strategy for this is making sure that you are looking to see that you have each of these components and I do have a great free smoothie recipe.

That you guys can check out right here that incorporates all three of these components to keep you satiated so you aren’t hungry between meals and by the way guys a few weeks ago I did a presentation at the website space in LA for creators and is a cool reflection point because it made me just stop and think about how much I’ve been able to do and how much I’ve been able to share because of you guys my AM peeps I mean I am so passionate about nutrition and what it can do for people and changing their lives but I would not be able to do any of this without you guys watching my stuff so thank you so much for watching for sharing for being a supporter of this channel it fits meant so much to me I mean I honestly can’t even express how grateful.

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