Why Popcorn Is The Worst Snack For Weight Loss Do You Know

Why Popcorn Is The Worst Snack For Weight Loss Do You Know

Introduction Of Why Popcorn Is The Worst Snack For Weight Loss Do You Know

Why Popcorn Is The Worst Snack For Weight Loss Do You Know.  Why you shouldn’t be having popcorn every day if you’re looking to achieve some type of weight-loss goal number one it’s extremely high in starches not although some amount of starch is great for sleep as we’ve talked about the hormone balancing series and in the complete intermittent fasting bundle guidelines a serving of popcorn so I’ll say about four cups of pop popcorn have roughly double the amount of starch as a full-sized sweet potato and what I find super interesting about this is that a lot of the different brands that make the bagged popcorn will often say that a serving size of popcorn is one cup and those are the nutrition facts they’ll give you for it nobody eats just one cup I’m sorry no one eats one cup of popcorn.

When you’re eating popcorn I was trying to look into the research on this to see how many cups of popcorn is you know more of a typical type of serving size and if you look on a lot of nutrition databases they’ll try and say 1 cup but then when I was looking at more of like actual consumption data it was saying more like 4 to 6 cups which brings in a lot of starches through my research I found one company I think it’s lesser evil Buddha Bowl I think popcorn and it was at least a little bit closer to the truth on saying that it was a three cup serving size but what I found really funny about it is that it’s also super deceiving because although it says on the Nutrition Facts label a serving size is 3 cups and it’s nutrition facts are on it like that the front side of the bag advertises it at 38 calories per cup so not even advertising at the actual servings it really is and having a lot of starches can really cause more of that spike in fallen low glucose which initiate in Flint more the storing hormone.

Which as we know is going to make it effective at really shutting off fat burning and although popcorn does have some amount of fiber it’s not that much considering how much start just really in a and if we’re all honest with ourselves myself included no one is eating one cup of popcorn that’s like just what you eat with one handful and from what I’ve seen with working with clients this is a type of snack that so many people are having every single day so it’s not even just like you know having once a week popcorn that you’re having about a movie night instead it’s become something because of all of these skinny pop or little lesser evil bootable popcorn it’s becoming more of a staple snack in between meals or after dinner is something consistently to have and that consistency of having this higher amount of starch that’s going to cause.

That spike in insulin is what’s going to shut off the fat burning daily and the second reason is Pawar causes a lot of bloating there are a couple of reasons this happened the first thing that roughly 92 percent of the corn in all of the u.s. is a GMO product and the GMO foods have been linked to IBS IBD increased stomach inflammation not only will they’ll be more of that increased inflammation within the gut but there’s also going to be the fact that if you’re treating it like a snack it’s still a snack and as we know the snacking between meals is what causes your MMC pathway to shut off which allows for that left behind food and bacteria to ferment that food coming through and lead to bloating and going back to the first reason if you are having popcorn out of snack between meals.

That means you’re also going to be getting a release of insulin between meals which again is going to shut off fat burning those through these different mechanisms popcorn ate consistently is going to have increased bloating and increased fat storage, as a result, oh should you never have popcorn I love popcorn insert Oprah meme of her saying I love bread but seriously it’s something that I have grown up with I love it so much and I don’t think you should ever fully get rid of something that you truly love that doesn’t make sense for happiness or even long-term health rather it may be best to just view popcorn as one of those more types of tree meals so we talked about how to treat Mills can be beneficial for helping you to maintain your goal long term so having that.

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