Burn Fat Quickly With These Three Things Lets Read

Burn Fat Quickly With These Three Things Lets Read

Introduction Of Burn Fat Quickly With These Three Things Lets Read

Burn Fat Quickly With These Three Things Lets Read. Just shaky what’s going on this is actually a really great question because it’s actually a perfect example of what can happen if you have those unstable blood glucose levels now if you’re feeling shaky especially if you’re not feeling hungry that’s a very common sign of that low blood sugar or the type of glycemia know the reason why you’re craving some type of carbohydrate is that you’re in that low blood sugar state and that’s a pretty dangerous spot for your body to be in I mean your red blood cells actually very much so need to have some type of glucose in the body and if you have that low blood sugar and your body is going to increase those cravings for carbohydrate so that you can bump that blood sugar box up especially if weight loss is a goal of yours you want to keep the blood glucose level of staples Hospital because every time you’re increasing the carbohydrates an increase in the blood glucose.

You’re also increasing insulin as well and insulin is the store and hormone and as long as that’s present your body will not be able to tap into fat-burning mechanisms there’s a couple reasons why you could be feeling hypoglycemic especially for this example of a smoothie as a break fast or as your first meal first of all it could just simply be very high in carbohydrate now if you’re using some type of traditional smoothie where yeah they are forward or fruits heavy we’re using a full banana or one or two bananas in addition to a cup or two of berries or fruit maybe even adding an oats or honey which is something I’ve commonly seen as well that’s going to bring in carbohydrate count really up high cause that unstable blood glucose level cause the body to have a really big increase in the insulin that’s going to bring it back down below the baseline and cause the hypoglycemia as a result now let’s say you’re following one of the smoothies that’s actually really bug leuco stabilizing like one of mine like the tumeric pineapples smoothie or really any of the smoothies these will contain each of the components of the protein fat and fiber.

That will keep your blood glucose levels people remember everyone’s different so the amount of protein or fiber or even fat for that matter but you may need to keep your blood glucose level stable could be different from someone else so if you are using one of the smoothies that I always recommend and you’re still experiencing some type of date in your blood glucose levels first of all you want to make sure that you’re including all three of those components it might sound kind of silly but I have come across people who say that they only use a teaspoon versus a tablespoon for the ingredients of the recipe calls for it there’s a reason why there is a higher level of the things like the chia seeds or the flax seeds and not so that you can increase that fiber and protein and fat component so first of all if you are following a recipe make sure that you’re actually getting in enough of the ingredients that it calls for it but if you are following it exactly as is and you’re still feeling that low blood sugar.

You might just need a little bit more of one of those components now the area that I like to really tinker with depending on my own hunger levels is the fiber / fat component so this is where you can add in something like an extra tablespoon of chia seeds for example and actually get the addition of the fat and the fiber as well as a little bit of protein – so if I’m feeling more hungry I’ll typically add in let’s say an extra tablespoon of chia seed or even an extra tablespoon of hemp seeds it’s finding that sweet spot for you and I’d recommend starting off with 1 tablespoon and then increasing it by another if necessary Paula asks does zero-calorie pre-workout break your fast now technically speaking no it won’t break your fast but here’s the thing just because it won’t break your fast doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily going to work for your goals now.

If you do use pre-workout I’m going to just take a look at the ingredients most likely it’s going to contain some type of artificial flavoring artificial sweetener or maybe even natural flavorings these additional ingredients can cause a disruption in your gut microbiome and considering one of the main benefits is that intermittent fasting can help to improve gut health this could be really working against one of the main goals of intermittent fasting in the first place so if you’re someone that does like to have some type of energy boost before your workout I personally recommend using coffee or tea those are natural types of pre-workouts where you’re not going to get all the nasties defects that can go along with the artificial type of pre-workout but something also it’s really great when it comes to intermittent fasting is that naturally, you’re going to be boosting your energy levels anyway because your body will become more efficient at tapping into fat burning.

Which is that more stable source of energy so although it might be a little bit tricky in the beginning as your body becomes metabolically flexible eventually your body will get better at burning fat as fuel and make it so that you probably won’t even need to have that pre-workout but in the meantime, coffee and tea are there for you okay now speaking of tea Carla asked what sort of ingredients can we look for in herbal teas that could affect intermittent fasting it was a really valid question because there are a lot of sneaky things that can come into teas particularly going back to the pre-workout there can actually be artificial natural flavors in a lot of tea and you would think that just a regular tea would be free of all these things that it would be more of an infusion of just you know natural herbs or spices but a lot of times tea companies will actually add in natural flavors or artificial flavors in order to have more of a flavor punch in fact.

Sometimes you’ll even see things like stevia and wreath for tall or even just plain old sweeteners that are going to be in please so just to keep it safe especially if you’re looking for more of this gut microbiome benefits just make sure that you’re finding a tea that does not contain any type of added flavors whether it be natural or artificial no stevia won’t break your fast same thing monk through but it’s not necessarily something that you want to have every day especially if you’re trying to kick the sugar habit which will help you achieve your goals long-term but in the meantime if you do need to use a little bit of stevia or monk through and it’s in your team especially while initially kicking that sugar habits and that’s funny Emily is asking how much salt she should be having in the morning Emily’s referring to the fact that salt is really important for electrolyte balance now especially if you are using intermittent fasting but just in general most of us aren’t getting that proper electrolyte balance.

Which is why you could be experiencing things like headaches or muscle cramps or just plain dehydration and if you’re using a high quality salt like the Celtic sea salt you can actually use this as your electrolyte replacement rather than the more artificial route that you’ll often see in different types of sports electrolyte replacement drinks and it’s a lot less expensive now the amount of salt that you’re using a day will really depend on how much your body needs so if you sweat off in like if you work out really hard in the morning and you sweat a lot or if you just live in an area where you are sweating more consistently then you may need a little bit more salt because you’re releasing that salt out of your body via the sweat that’s just one factor that can affect it but for your post-workout drink or for that first glass of water in the morning to replenish those electrolytes a good place to start off way so it’s not too excessively salty is you know about an eighth of a teaspoon or maybe even a little less again depending on each person this could be up or down but roughly an eighth of a teaspoon is a good place to start now Alicia asked can you use intermittent fasting without using keto meals so basically do you have to use keto in order to also use intermittent fasting.

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