Wow You Know That How To Drink And Not Gain Weight

Wow You Know That How To Drink And Not Gain Weight

Introduction Of Wow You Know That How To Drink And Not Gain Weight

Wow, You Know That How To Drink And Not Gain Weight. This is super refreshing are there alcoholic drinks that can help you with your weight loss goals and help you turn on fat-burning mechanisms today I’m going to be covering so what some drinks are just terrible for your wellness goals and so that you are going to gain weight with it where others you can actually have it and still work towards your wellness goals now the big key factor here comes down to sugar I’m sugar-sweetened drinks in general outside just alcohol but including things like soda are one of the number one causes of obesity in the u.s. another reason why is because if you have a massive amount of sugar that’s in a drink that doesn’t contain any protein fat or fiber to slow down the release you’re going to get a massive spike in your blood glucose levels which then results in a massive spike in your insulin that storing hormone as well and when that storing hormone is turned on it turns off fat-burning.

So when it comes to choosing or making certain drinks you want to make sure that you’re looking at the sugar content this is one of the biggest key factors when it comes to achieving your weight loss goal some really important factors come down to the quality of the alcohol you’re using as well which I didn’t know a ton about which is why I brought on my friend Carlos the creator of Nosotros tequila is a great understanding of the whole background behind what it is that causes certain alcohols to make it so let you feel terrible and hungover as well as ruin your weight loss goals versus others that have more of an emphasis on feeling good so now I’m gonna bring on Carlos so you can give us more of that insider look on what makes certain alcohols great and others that you shouldn’t stay away from especially.

If weight loss is something that you’re looking for or even just avoiding a hangover he has some great tips on this high and he’s even like standing as like as I can be shorter hey guys this is Carlos from Nosotros, and he’s going to be sharing you of those operating cocktails that go along with those strategies that we were talking about in the beginning this blew my mind I didn’t know much about tequila, and he was telling me the other day about all the components that go along with it like hi Paul you’re so funny I think the biggest thing that people need to understand within the spirit world it’s a bit of a Wild West like a lot of times you’ll find things that are not quite what it seems there’s this very very big understanding of tequila that it’s like the healthiest liquor it is and it isn’t it just really depends on.

What you’re working with and what brand you’re actually drinking you’re gonna drink tequila make sure you’re at least starting with 100% agave I should say a hundred percent day I got it in the bottle there’s some really big brands that a lot of people know that doesn’t quite explicitly state 100 percent I got it it means that it’s a mixed a mixed with tequila means that it’s 51% I got it so it’s enough to be called the tequila and then there’s 49% of that that could be any sort of neutral spirit and it’s still from anything else and they don’t have to say know what it is no it doesn’t love people it’s not even like there for people to know yes there’s certain brands that are things that you might not not be familiar with and you know it could create create so it’s an inflammatory response this – what else could it be it really depends they try to maximize profits and they they use anything from wheat I’ve seen people playing with potatoes and that’s also very iffy issue of your gluten-free.

For example or if you have issues just with the gut in general since we’re always talking about got inflammation and trying to reduce inflammation all of these additional food items are just going to cause that increase information that can lead to all those problems that we’re always trying to avoid I remember you’re telling me something also before we started shooting and I’m probably gonna butcher this but tequila specifically has a different chemical profile compared to like other alcohols that will make it so that you don’t get a thumb over tequila is derived from a type of sugar that is found in me agave which is called agamous AG evinces a type of fruit within the fruit in the world which are the sugars derived usually from fruit it tends to be arguably one of the best ones out there it’s considered like the superfood of fruit dense and it’s something your system doesn’t quite process the same way it was process glucose exactly yeah it’s not gonna have a spike in your glucose level in the blood.

So especially weight loss is something that you’re looking for if you have that spike in your blood glucose that’s going to result in spike in insulin and insulin is storing hormone that’s the fat storing hormone so if you have high insulin and can’t be in fat burning but we want to at least optimize the drinks to make it so that it’s fat burning is possible exactly and then one big thing about you know when you’re drinking tequila if you can be high quality heal you stick to drinking it clean hold on to those cocktails in a little bit the biggest thing is you know the next day you wake up and you actually don’t feel bad and I don’t mean bad isn’t like hangover bed because that access is always gonna make you feel hangover that but there’s certain emotional and like feel-good aspects that certain types of liquor can really have a downer effect the next day after drinking I know for me for most alcohols if I drink them the next day I feel like anxious people with anxiety like a lot of times.

The next day they’ll feel like we read like there’s a big chemical component to the spirit that’s produced from a Givens, yeah it’s doesn’t have that effect so not only will it help with weight loss because it’s not going to spike our blood glucose it will make us feel anxious the next day there’s a win-win scenario exactly a very easy way actually to look into what you’re drinking in the quality especially within Aquila world do you grab whatever you’re drinking put some on your skin and you just rub it if it’s truly just alcohol on water if it’s a clean spirit and there shouldn’t be anything sticky your shoulder stick exactly a lot of brands I had glycerol I’ve heard that in wine industry how specifically in America we like are things like excessively sweet and so American wines tend to be like they add the sugar cane a lot of times like when you spill over a counter if it’s super sticky yeah it means there are additives into whatever you’re drinking.

If you’re at a bar and you’re walking and you’re not high quality and within tequila there’s a there’s a rule of it it’s basically the 1% rule as long as whatever you’re adding is not over 1% you don’t have to disclose it to flavoring it is this is a very easy way you can literally test and see what you’re drinking that’s one other thing that you know here with myself this week I’m providing a really high-quality and clean product balance is always an important thing know your limits the rate is your limit in a second okay so we’re going to get into the first cocktail the very first thing is the easiest in my personal favorite way of turning you know literally no sugar whatsoever very very clean way to drink it and it’s literally just tequila I’m so thirsty kilo depending on which one you want Blanco ripples of water a lot of people usually think that the flavors actually adds a little bit more flavor to it so Blanco and to be a little bit more citrusy because it’s funny she goes from distillation straight into bottle pimple sauce.

Which is like age expressions are gonna have a little bit more of like an oak taste of it but it’s literally a cocktail that watering it down actually helps just bring out a lot of the flavors and mute a little bit the alcohol profile you can do this with oranges you can do it with lime if lime is your preference the grapefruit now pineapple and you can also do it with watermelon so what’s the second one we’re making so the second one we are gonna make is a very very low sugar option for a drink we’re gonna be making it with no sort of ripple Sal I can also make up the Blanco just depends on what taste profile you’re gonna go for a little bit of a pearl fresh squeezed lime juice and we’re gonna use a little bit of endurance we’re gonna do one and a half ounces of nosotros ripple half an ounce of apple quarter of an ounce lime juice gonna put that in the sheet here watch the picture up and then you’re gonna pour you’re gonna pop it off with a little bit of spindrift because it’s a carbonated beverage you never put a carbonated beverage into the mixer exactly shake it it’s gonna get messy please just stop it.

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