Which Is The Big Mistakes That You Make In Intermittent Fast And Gain Weight

Which Is The Big Mistakes That You Make In Intermittent Fast And Gain Weight

Introduction Of Which Is The Big Mistakes That You Make In Intermittent Fast And Gain Weight

Which Is The Big Mistakes That You Make In Intermittent Fast And Gain Weight. So if you’re using intermittent fasting to achieve a weight-loss goal or wellness school you want to make sure that you’re doing it the right way so let’s jump into mistake number one not eating lunch I know that some people have found success with the two meal structure you know breakfast and dinner but for the majority of the am peeps that I’ve seen and my clients including some type of lunch are going to help you to achieve your goals faster the thing you have to understand with intermittent fasting is that you aren’t eating less you’re just eating less often it is not a form of calorie restriction this can lead to issues with starvation decrease BMR or basal metabolic rate and make it so that your body is going to be more of that storing mode because it’s protecting itself from the possible threat of there just not be enough food available.

So you don’t want your body to think that there isn’t enough food available instead you want to be able to maximize the hormones that are going to help to shift your body into that fat-burning mode and as I said having a two meal structure isn’t necessarily bad the problem that can come along with this though is that you just aren’t eating enough at those two meals so a lot of my clients or a lot of the am peeps have found that it’s difficult to eat enough when just having those two meals the breakfast and the dinner to eat enough so that your body doesn’t think that it’s in that starvation mode you need to eat food you’ll need to eat quite a bit at those two meals and the easier way to go about that is by having that three meal structure and including a lunch plus it helps to maintain more of a normal structure of what you would eat throughout.

The day anyway with breakfast lunch and dinner and so it makes a transition to intermittent fasting a lot more simple okay number two always eating a salad now I love eating salads I pretty much have a salad every day but I also know that there are a lot of people that just don’t like salads and there’s not a problem with that though the reason why eating a salad every day if you don’t love a salad is going to hurt your goals is that this can cause something that’s called food fatigue where you just get tired of the food that you’re eating and if you’re in the state of food fatigue I found with my clients in the am peeps that you’re way more likely to eat things that aren’t in line with your goals this is where it can be easy to fall back into older habits that weren’t making you feel good and weren’t making it.

So that you could achieve your goals and salads aren’t necessarily best for everyone if you have a very sensitive GI tract or if you’re in the very early stages of gut healing then using more cooked foods over salads is actually going to be better for you because it’s going to be easier for your GI tract to digest and if you are in that very early stage of gut healing and having something like salad all the time that can lead to a lot of GI issues it can lead to bloating it it can just be an uncomfortable experience so if you don’t love salads or if you are in those very early stages of gut healing then just switch to cooked meal instead in fact I know a lot of the a.m. peeps like to use the week nighter baked as one of the meals that they often have that’s a cooked meal I also sometimes will just keep it very simple and scramble up some eggs with some veggies and avocado and that’s a good meal right there right number three not having enough protein at your lunch now when it comes protein.

You don’t need a ton of protein but you do want to make sure that you are getting some and enough protein in order to shut off those hunger hormones because remember we’ve talked about this in the past but protein initiate something called peptide YY and when you have peptide YY it helps to keep your body satiated for that three to four hour period between your meals remember fat has a different effect on that satiation where it initiates something called C CK or cholecystokinin while fiber acts on that stretch mechanism that keeps you full more in that immediate moment so we need to make sure that we get each of those three components but from what I’ve seen is a lot of people are really missing out on the protein component now particularly if you are following a plant-based diet you want to make sure that you are including those protein rich legumes or vegetables if you aren’t following a plant-based diet and you can use eggs chicken fish grass-fed beef just make sure that you are getting some type of protein into your lunch so that you can have that peptide.

So that you can have that gap between the meals and so that you aren’t going to crave snacks as a result because remember when you have those snacks that cause the increase in insulin which is the storing hormone and that’s what we don’t want we want to be able to get those gaps between meals so having protein helps to prevent the snacks in between meals alright number four you’re not having enough water now just in general if you are going to be having increased fiber you need to have more water if not this can lead to a lot of issues with constipation which of course is just not a comfortable experience Andi can hinder your gut healing goals anyway but you also want to make sure you’re having enough water because it helps to act on that stretch mechanism within the stomach.

So you don’t necessarily need to have it with your lunch but just making sure that’s surrounding your meals you are having enough water to act on that stretch mechanism that’ll make it so it’ll prevent those snacks as well all right number five you’re eating a very carbohydrate-rich lunch now you’ll most likely see this in the immediate situation as that afternoon slump research it just feel really tired after eating lunch and the reason why is because if you have that high carbohydrate-rich lunch even.

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