How To Lose Belly Fat Quick And Easy Without Counting Calories 2021

How To Lose Belly Fat Quick And Easy Without Counting Calories 2021

Introduction Of How To Lose Belly Fat Quick And Easy Without Counting Calories 2021

How To Lose Belly Fat Quick And Easy Without Counting Calories 2021. We’re focusing on two main principles now the first is to reduce the storing hormone insulin so that we can actually release the fat cells unlock those fat cells and use it as a source of energy as long as insulin that storing hormone is high then our fat cells remain locked up and we can’t use it as a fuel source and the second principle is reducing the stress hormone cortisol is the hormone that’s most specifically tied to waking around the belly naturally we produce cortisol throughout the day but excessively high amounts has been shown to cause an increase in weight gain around the belly now we don’t want low levels of cortisol we just want to stabilize it with those two principles in mind let’s jump into the 20 days that you can tap into fat burning mechanisms and reduce belly fat all right number one don’t have oatmeal for breakfast I get the question all the time on.

If oatmeal is actually a really great breakfast or if it’s a good way to break your fast now the problem with oatmeal is that it’s really high in those starchy carbohydrates just one cup of cooked oatmeal has about 25 grams of starches while only having about 4 grams of fiber now this high starch – low fiber ratio makes it so that the body’s going to produce a pretty high amount of insulin as a result of that higher level of blood glucose from the oatmeal and with this higher level of insulin that’s going to lock up the fat cells so that you can’t use that energy as fuel now especially for your first meal you really want to make sure that it’s not going to have those high levels of starchy carbohydrates so if you love having some type of porridge or a bowl for your first meal a really great route to go about this while having those lower starches that’s not going to cause a high insulin is something like my Chia brekkie Bowl or Chia porridge all these are going to be lower in the foods.

That causes the spike in insulin so that you can tap into your fat-burning mechanisms all right number two cut out the energy drinks now if we’re looking at one of the most popular energy drinks Red Bull for example just one I believe it’s 8.8 ounces for that can have 26 grams of sugar now sugar is the most simple form of the carbohydrates which means that it’s going to rapidly be absorbed and cause a really big spike in your insulin and therefore quickly causing you to be in that story mode and even if we look at the sugar-free alternatives for a lot of these energy drinks they typically use artificial sweeteners like aspartame which has been found to induce weight gain rather than weight loss if you need a little bit of a pick-me-up the best option is going to be the more simple route such as coffee or tea especially unsweetened coffee or tea you could ever make.

My sugar for each high latte as a great alternative now speaking of coffee number three swap out vanilla lattes or other sweetened types of coffee for black or keto coffees now remember the main thing that causes us to be in that storing mode is high insulin and what causes insulin to rise is sugar and high amounts of carbohydrates in general in a 16 ounce, so a grande vanilla latte from Starbucks has 31 grams of sugars which is slightly less sugar than a full king-size Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup now on the flip side unsweetened or keto coffee doesn’t contain any sugar and therefore does not stimulate insulin especially when you compare it to these sugar-sweetened lattes that have that huge spike and remember even if you’re going for that sugar-free route for these lattes just like I mentioned with the sugar-free energy drinks this isn’t necessarily a better option especially.

If weight loss or fat loss is your goal weight number four walk instead of run now this tip mostly applies to if you’re a daily runner or an endurance runner running a couple of times a week is wonderful and can be included in your weight loss or wellness goals but running long distances especially if you’re doing that every day can lead to that consistently higher level of cortisol so so far we’ve mostly talked about in Flint but remember cortisol has a huge effect on weight gain specifically around the belly if you’re a runner and you find that you’ve been storing weight specifically around your belly then it might be an issue of elevated cortisol in fact there’s a study done on endurance runners where the researchers took a hair sample and they found that the endurance runners had elevated levels of cortisol walking on the other hand keeps your heart rate at a lower level.

This means that cortisol won’t be released and you don’t have to completely get rid of running but if you are finding that you’re gaining weight around the belly and you’re running every single day and you’re running long distances swapping some of those days out for walking can be beneficial for reducing the cortisol levels and therefore helping with reducing fat specifically around the belly all right number five eat three big meals versus five to six-four even seven small ones now when you have more of a three-meal structure it allows for a break of eating between those meals and when you have that break between eating it allows the insulin level to dip that down now if you compare that to eating five six seven times throughout the day your insulin levels are going to be consistently a lot higher.

Because you’re constantly absorbing those nutrients and this consistent stream of insulin will physically lock up those fat cells so that they can’t be used and this also really helps with reducing bloating as well specifically if you can have about three hours 45 minutes between your meals this stimulates a pathway called the migrating motor complex and if you’re interested in the very specifics of this click the card right here for more details and number six have one or fewer cafe drinks per day I love coffee a lot and I have to remind myself of this a lot because although coffee can be a great source of natural caffeine as well as it just tastes so good having multiple cups or excessive amounts of caffeine can also keep your cortisol remember that stress hormone elevated that high level of cortisol is what is specifically tied to waking around the belly plus having multiple cups of coffee throughout the day can throw off your sleep cycle make it.

So that your sleep hormone melatonin can’t really be efficiently produced so you don’t get high quality sleep and having poor quality sleep further leads to increased cortisol levels the next day so it’s a cyclical thing so you really want to make sure you are having that one cup of caffeinated drink per day alright number seven don’t eat right when you wake up now naturally in the morning we do have slightly elevated levels of cortisol but that’s when we want it elevated and because our cortisol levels are higher in the morning it helps stimulate that release a blood glucose for energy which renders any eating at this time unnecessary we already have fuel coming from our own sources which when you think about fat loss that’s the goal and when you eat right away it’ll spike your insulin early and shut off this whole fat-burning mechanism that you naturally get from being in that fasted state first thing in the morning so rather than eating right when you wake up either wait till you’re hungry.

You can start to slowly incorporate intermittent fasting as well number eight stop counting calories this semi-starvation form of weight loss has even been found to increase hunger make it way more difficult to stay on track and even ultimately causing weight gain because of the decreased BMR basal metabolic rate that results from eating less than what your body needs and simply counting calories also removes emphasis from the type of foods you should be eating because remember insulin is that storing hormone it’s the hormone that determines if you will be using fat as fuel or if you will be storing that energy a calorie is not a calorie so pure sugar or glucose which is technically lower in calories than something such as fat will have a huge surge on your insulin where pure fat or protein on the other hand has essentially zero effect on insulin which allows that unlocking of the fat cells to actually be used as energy rather than having that energy from the glucose or high amount of carbohydrates simply stored as fat instead.

Instead of counting calories, you’re much better off on focusing on the type of food that you’re eating rather than the amount number-9 produce your hate or high-intensity interval training workouts – one to two times per week although there can be some great cardiovascular benefits – including some type of hate training a couple of times per week exceeding that can cause the same issue as having a lot of endurance running where you’re going to have that chronically high levels of cortisol remember high levels of cortisol equals weight gain around the belly so just like with excessive amounts of running if you have more than two days a week that you’re using high-intensity interval training swap those additional day outs for lower intensity training or walking number 10 swap your all-fruit smoothie or a protein fat and fiber-rich one now stop that fruit can’t be included in a smoothie you guys have seen with my favorite fat-burning smoothie it includes fruit.

But it shouldn’t be the all-star or the main ingredient in your smoothie especially if weight loss and fat burning is your goal a fruit is the main ingredient and you’re going to be using a lot of fruit for that smoothie and because these fruits are so rich in carbohydrates and sugars it’s going to cause it to a spike in blood glucose and therefore that spike in influence although some of these sugars are fructose aka that fruit sugar and therefore won’t raise their blood glucose these fruit sugars actually overload the liver because they have to be broken down in a liver to be used within the body and has been found to cause even further elevated levels of blood glucose and even insulin resistance both of which are not what you want if you’re looking for any type of fat burning now instead you want to load up on the ingredients that will stabilize that blood glucose level and not cause a high insulin response as a result if you’re looking for some ideas on this.

I have my favorite fat-burning smoothie recipe right here alright number eleven cutout protein bars completely protein bars contain highly processed and refined ingredients and typically a lot of sugar as well even if this sugar comes from Whole sources such as dates it’s still using quite a lot of those dates and the bars that do contain high amounts of sugar will cause that spike in insulin and keep you in that storing load also relying on protein bars inherently causes you to eat multiple times throughout the day rather than those three times that we talked about earlier number 12 don’t add granola to your yogurt smoothie bowls now smoothie bowls and yogurt can both be used when you’re working toward fat-burning especially when you’re making those smoothies the right way like we talked about earlier but adding granola completely works around any benefit that you’re getting from the yogurt or the smoothie bowl because just like with oatmeal that we mentioned earlier which oats are typically the main ingredient for granolas and the honey or maple syrup or just plain sugar that’s typically used within granola all that will lead to a pretty big spike in your blood glucose level which results in that release of insulin so if you’re looking for if crunchy topping that you can use that won’t spike your insulin some really great alternatives.

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