What Is Thanksgiving And How To Bounce back After Thanksgiving

What Is Thanksgiving And How To Bounce back After Thanksgiving

Introduction Of What Is Thanksgiving And How To Bounce back After Thanksgiving

What Is Thanksgiving And How To Bounce back After Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving now after having things like the bread rolls and the pies and the stuffing all things that I don’t all be having at Thanksgiving your body has much higher levels of blood glucose as well as much higher levels of insulin and these foods that we typically have at Thanksgiving or quickly converted into glucose and shuttled into our blood supply causing that spike in blood glucose as well as influence to store that blood glucose this will lead to a more variable blood glucose level because as it goes up your body is quickly trying to bring it back down to baseline and can overcompensate and lead to low blood sugar or hypoglycemia this little blood sugar after eating all these refined carbohydrates and sugars ironically causes us to create even more of those sugars to bring it back up and this causes us to start a rollercoaster ride of up and down up and down.

This is why I can feel like sometimes at the one-day feasts that Thanksgiving turns into of five-day peace that just never stops and this high amount of sugar intake or a fine carbohydrate intake from Thanksgiving dinner also overloads the liver the sugars that are typically used for this Thanksgiving feast come from a sugar called sucrose which is made in one part of glucose one part of fructose specifically can be a big problem after Thanksgiving feast especially for the liver because fructose has to be broken down only by the liver and there’s only so many enzymes available within the liver that can address this so by having high amounts of fructose after this meal your livers overloaded this can lead to the temporary fatty liver as it stores the fructose that I can’t get to right then to the outside of the liver and because it’s taking so much time addressing that fructose it also can’t convert the glucose into liver glycogen within the body.

Which causes temporarily higher blood glucose levels as well and as a result even higher insulin levels trying to address this problem and on top of all this if you have a way ah school this higher insulin level means that you are going to be stuck in that storing mode so your fat cells are locked up they can’t be opened up to release that energy and use as fuel as long as that insulin level is high and present you can’t achieve those weight-loss and wellness goals so how do we address this what can we do to help us get our body back on track after Thanksgiving feast let’s jump into that seven-day plan that you can use starting on Friday right after Thanksgiving so you can jump back into your results and there’s a specific reason why you start on Friday not necessarily Monday after Thanksgiving and the reason why is because just like I mentioned earlier.

It’s really easy to go from having our Thanksgiving feast on Thursday and then just eating all those leftovers for the next four days and this in itself can make it even harder to break those habits because now eating these higher amounts of sugar is becoming a habit so over the next seven days to help your liver with this detox process and to help get you back on track you’re going to be doing two things for the next seven days now first is to cut out all added sugars this even includes healthy added sugars like maple syrup and honey any sugars from your diet for these next seven days should only be coming from those whole food sources that are naturally going to have a lot lower sugar anyway and as a side note although technically dried fruit can’t be considered a whole food source because it removes the water and so, therefore, it’s a more concentrated source of sugar.

I wouldn’t recommend it during this time now this first step is crucial because it helps your liver to address those stored fructose and processed foods you had already eaten at Thanksgiving without loading on even more after because if you continue to have these high sugar foods it’s only going to add on to the workload for the liver, and by not having these eyes sugars during this time it allows your liver to prioritize those Thanksgiving Day sugars instead well us by not continuing to have these added sugars this will help to lower your insulin which will also help to shift your body back toward those fat burning mechanisms now for the first day or two after having a big Thanksgiving feast if your sugar cravings will probably be higher because of that high and low blood glucose rollercoaster that I talked about earlier this will eventually subside especially.

If you’re eating until satiated and loading up your plate with the protein fat and fiber components but it’s something to keep in mind that will likely happen for the first day or two after Thanksgiving and the second thing that you can do for the next seven days to bounce back from Thanksgiving is to cut out all refined carbohydrates as well and this goes along the same sentiment as this first step of cutting out all the refined sugars these refined carbohydrates include mostly the refined flours but also bread and pasta cookies crackers all of these have that same overloading effect on the liver these refined carbohydrates will also continue to add to that problem of that blood glucose level rollercoaster because they are so easy to break down digest and absorb and because of that more variable blood glucose level.

It’ll also contribute to the problem of the increased insulin because your body has to store that blood glucose from those refined carbohydrates instead you can swap out these refined carbohydrates for ingredients such as zucchini noodles cauliflower spaghetti squash avocado broccoli nuts seeds Brussels sprouts and these alternatives which will be higher in fiber anyway will also be more satiating too, and since Thanksgiving means that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner I have a fascinating announcement for you guys from now until Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 you can get my brand-new cookbook autumns nerdy kitchen with your order of either the 21 days and Iran fasting program the level up guide or either of the bundles and not only does these guys help to teach you the proper way of implementing intermittent fasting, but it goes over the nutrient timing to keep you satiated those blog Lucas levels stable and a tap and fat-burning mechanisms.

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