How To Make Keto Matcha Latte Recipe In A New Way 2021

How To Make Keto Matcha Latte Recipe In A New Way 2021

Introduction Of How To Make Keto Matcha Latte Recipe In A New Way 2021

How To Make Keto Matcha Latte Recipe In A New Way 2021. That’s flavor flex if you’re following intermittent fasting and you’re not a fan of keto coffee I have an amazing fat-burning matcha latte recipe that you can use instead during your fasting period there’s a huge craze around matcha right now which is pretty awesome because green tea and matcha have been found to have some great health benefits mostly attributing to that antioxidant potential of the problem that comes with this is that most of the matcha that is accessible to us contains eight ton of sugar and this sugar is going to cause that spike in your blood glucose levels which leads to a spike in your insulin levels and insulin is your storing hormone it locks up your fat cells so that you can’t tap into it and you can’t use it as an energy source and therefore.

You cannot achieve your weight loss or wellness goals just to give an example Starbucks as matcha latte at sixteen ounces or their grande size has 32 grams of sugars that are nearly the same amount of sugar that’s in a king-size Reese’s peanut butter cups this amount of sugar completely negates any of the benefits that you would get from the green tea itself or the matcha latte itself and instead completely shifts your body into that storing and fat-storing mode now that’s why in today’s article I’m sharing with you the fat burning zero sugar matcha latte recipe you can also have with intermittent fasting too and we also have an incredible sponsor for today’s article the reserve they’re the match that we’ll be using today – this is the brand that I recommend to my matcha drinkers because it contains a zero sugar zero additives it’s organic and ceremonial grade won’t be sold me about.

The reserves matcha is that they third-party test their matcha to ensure that they’re free of any pesticides heavy metals or radiation so the fact that the reserve tests for that even though they don’t – makes me know that they are a brand that cares about the quality of their product and this is the matcha that we’re going to be using for today’s recipe so the reserve is going to be giving you guys 50% off for the next 24 hours on their entire website which includes the matcha and if you’re reading this after that for our period you can still use the link below for 40% off your orders for the next month that you can grab your matcha and make space fat-burning matcha latte recipes that you can use with intermittent fasting okay now let’s jump into actually making that so you might hear.

That I have some water boiling and that’s going to be the base liquid for our matcha latte a lot of the creamy yumminess that comes from the matcha latte is going to come from the grass-fed butter as well as the coconut oil now if you are vegan or following a plant-based diet you can swap out the grass-fed butter for raw cacao butter instead so first things first let’s get our matcha ready so of my blender that I’m gonna be adding everything to you first want to add 1 TSP of the matcha to your blender and now I’m going to use up to a tablespoon of the coconut oil so I used unrefined coconut oil and you can use up to tablespoon but if you aren’t used to having these fat-burning type of higher fat base lattes and I’d recommend starting with less even a half teaspoon or a teaspoon and you can work your way up I’m gonna use about a teaspoon for this and next up is.

Our grass-fed butter or remember if your plant base you can swap it out for raw cacao butter and for this same thing as the coconut oil you want to use up to a tablespoon I’m going to use tablespoon because the full tablespoon really makes a great frog but you can use less like I mentioned if you’re not used to it so the coconut oil combined with the grass-fed butter helps to provide a different type of profile for the fats that you’re using the coconut oil provides the medium-chain triglycerides that are really easy for your body to use as a source of energy and the grass-fed butter helps provide the butyric acid that’s really great for reducing inflammation plus combined these fats also help to boost it tidy so that when it’s during your fasted period you won’t feel hungry and specifically for new to internment fasting including something like this like the keto matcha latte helps to ease a transition so that you don’t go from eating all day to not eating anything and if you’re wondering.

How you can use this during your fasted period depends on the type of intermittent fasting using if you’re going for more of a strict approach that’s based on religious purposes any type of food will break your fast after the purposes of what we’re doing we want to stabilize a blood glucose level and therefore decrease the insulin so that your body can shift into fat-burning mode and these two facts don’t stimulate insulin so for these purposes it is great for using it during your blasted period especially if you’re a beginner to intermittent fasting okay so now we just need the last ingredient here which is the base so it’s water and we’re using about 12 ounces of hot water so I’m going to pour mine in with all of the other ingredients okay I’m just going to cap this throw it on the blender.

So to get that nice froth I like to start on a low blend for a couple of seconds then bring it up to medium for another couple of second may be up to five seconds or even ten seconds and then blast it out high to get that great raw [Music] I’m not green and see all the froth it forms Wow okay so now I’m just gonna pour this up perfectly fit my flavorful cup I’m usually a coffee drinker but it’s actually pretty fantastic and so easy and it’s so warm and so cozy now it’s cold out to you and I just love the benefits at I can have it during my fasted period where those influence stabilizing benefits.

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