What Is Migrating Motor Complex And How To Use For Bloated Remedies

What Is Migrating Motor Complex And How To Use For Bloated Remedies

Introduction Of What Is Migrating Motor Complex And How To Use For Bloated Remedies

What Is Migrating Motor Complex And How To Use For Bloated Remedies? what is it the migrating motor complex aka the MMC is a series of contractions and secretions within your GI tract that is only stimulated by not eating OMM C stimulates a series of contractions that starts at the bottom part of your stomach and includes your small intestine to be able to physically push out left behind food bacteria and dead cells from your GI tract it also stimulates secretions from your pancreas and your gall bladder to help to physically push out that left behind food and bacteria in your GI tract no quick side note that’s very important to consider is that the small intestine is where we absorb nutrients this is where we don’t want to have a high amount of bacteria because if that bacteria in your small intestine it could physically steal.

Some of those nutrients from you and could lead to issues like nutrient deficiencies this is speculated why a lot of people who have SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth tend to have mineral deficiencies and get muscle cramps as a result that’s why the MMC pathway is so important because it physically flushes out that left-behind bacteria and pushes it into our colon which is the site where we would consider the good healthy gut bacteria the one we do refer to healthy gut bacteria we’re referring to the colon, not the small intestine any amount of overgrowth within the small intestine can lead to serious GI issues now more specifically the MMC is stimulated by a hormone called mo tilling but not a lot is known about a motel in right now.

So it’s important to note that the MMC stimulated by not eating a Kaye fasting now it takes about an hour and a half to two hours of no eating and that includes different types of caloric containing beverages as well in order to actually stimulate that MMC and once stimulated the MMC enters multiple different pathways in order to push that Left Behind bacteria and food out of your tested and once stimulated which remember takes about an hour and a half to two hours of just being able to be stimulated in the first place the entire complete cycle of pushing that bacteria out takes around an hour and 45 minutes that is assuming that you don’t eat or drink during this time water is fine but any other type of beverages could be a problem and assuming that you do have that fasted state or if you go a little bit longer than that 3 hours and 45 minutes then your body just repeats that m/m/c cycle so that it can further clean house now it’s really important to keep in mind that this MMC is a natural housecleaning process within your GI tract that is completely inhibited once you eat or even snack.

That means the more often that you eat throughout the day the less your GI tract is getting cleaned out and the more the bacteria can feed and build up and one thing I didn’t mention is that when that bacteria is left behind in your small intestine it gets to feed right that’s something we talked about it can steal the nutrients from you and one byproduct of this fermentation of it being able to feed off the food that’s in your small intestine is gas and that’s where a lot of the bloating can come into play that gas gets stuck in your small intestine and Lisa typical sensation of bloating that can be rather painful for a lot of people so the less you can stimulate your MMC pathway the more the bacteria in left-behind food is left in your small intestine and the more bloating that you’ll experience this is why the MMC is stimulated by intermittent fasting the inherent fasting period of intermittent fasting allows the MMC and your body to be able to do its job.

It’s so important it’s one of the cornerstones of what I discuss in the complete and I mean fasting bundle especially with the gut healing protocol that’s in the complete and written fasting model but you’ll have all the details of down in the description below now let’s get into a little bit further detail of how this actually prevents bloating when you can stimulate that MNC I’ve discussed with this article that most of bloating is due to bacterial fermentation of food and the MMC is used in order to clean house and get rid of bacteria from your small intestine but when it’s not stimulated when you’re constantly eating and not allowing your MMC to actually do its job this leaves behind that bacteria as well as they left behind food and any other food that you are also eating during that time and allows it to go through the process of fermentation and one of the main byproducts of fermentation is gas and that gas within your GI tract is what caused that puffing out feeling causes that feeling of bloating plus the more fermentation that bacteria is able to undergo the more bacteria that is able to be formed as a result as.

I mentioned earlier we don’t want high amounts of bacteria in the small intestine because then they can steal our food and the nutrients from us as well as the fermentation that leads to the bloating and gut inflammation too are completely natural housecleaning process of the migrating motor complex or MMC aids in preventing these issues of possible nutrient deficiencies and bacterial overgrowth by physically pushing it out when you’re not eating so what can you to stimulate the MMC there are two main ways to stimulate the MMC and that’s by using a fasting period such as intermittent fasting or by spacing out your meals to allow for about three hours and forty-five-minute break minimum if you choose to use intermittent fasting you’re naturally going to get that fasted period where you are stimulating your mm every day this is why so many of the AM peeps who use the complete intermittent fasting bundle guidelines.

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