Top Class Workouts For Losing Belly Fat And Control Cholesterol

Top Class Workouts For Losing Belly Fat And Control Cholesterol

Introduction Of Top Class Workouts For Losing Belly Fat And Control Cholesterol

Top Class Workouts For Losing Belly Fat And Control Cholesterol.  The hormone is to help release blood glucose make it super available for your body so it has a really fast instant source of energy that you can use to get you out of a supposed life-threatening situation that your body thinks ate your body can’t distinguish between different types of stressors it just knows that you’re under a state of stress and so it provides that energy that instant surge of blood glucose to get you out of that bad situation so traditionally this would have been something like running away from a tiger or fighting off an oncoming bear however unless you’re using this blood glucose that cortisol helps to bring up in the means of again using it to sprint away from something or to fight off an intruder then that blood glucose is just going to end up getting stored and this higher level blood glucose that results from your body increasing that stress hormone.

When you are in those stressful states or if you just have those higher levels of cortisol causes your body to subsequently increase another hormone and that’s restoring hormone insulin in fact there’s actually been studies where they found that 30 minutes after a stressful situation people had elevated levels of insulin and insulin acts as that storing hormone it makes it so that it physically shuts off any type of fat burning and instead shifts your body into more of that storing mode and in fact to access store that elevated blood glucose at your cortisol just increase from stressful situation and this stressful cortisol and then insulin pathway has been found to specifically then store that energy around the and something that’s also interesting is that some people have been found to secrete more cortisol in stressful situations than others so there also could be a genetic factor of the stressful situations and how some people could put on more belly fat in response to stressful situations than others.

Because with that increased cortisol levels causes more of that blood glucose to be released and then, therefore, more of that insulin to be released too and then more that story mode so then why does the type of exercise matter why does the type of cardio matter when it comes to cortisol levels and belly fat now just like I mentioned with the genetic factor for some people high levels of exercise might not be an issue but generally speaking the higher amount of exercise and we’re going to get into those specifics in a second the higher amount of cortisol that your body’s going to be releasing and therefore the more belly fat that can result especially if those exercises are not done properly and although a well-balanced lifestyle where you actually get rest and repair and the proper types and amount of exercise is really great for helping to balance those cortisol levels very high levels of exercise.

Especially when not properly paired with that rest and repair and you know enough sleep, and enough of the right types of foods makes it so that those cortisol levels can get out of whack and make it, so your body is going to shift more into gaining weight around the belly, and there’s even been another study that found endurance athletes tend to have elevated cortisol levels again that stress hormone when they tested their hair samples so if you’re not getting enough sleep and you’re also not eating the right types of foods to support recovery then including a high level of exercise at that endurance training level it’s actively working against your goals this is a multi-faceted approach just switching your cardio is not going to solve everything, but it is one hugely important factor this is something.

I talked extensively about with my own experience right here but optimizing your cardio workouts to fit your goals and also to help get those course on levels more to a balanced state will help your body to naturally start to shift into that fat-burning mechanisms and start to reduce belly fat okay so let’s dive into the three best types of cardio workouts that you can use and start to implement today to achieve your belly fat or weight loss goals now the first is not surprising if you’ve been following me for a while and that’s walking outside this is one of my favorites because I’ve done a multitude of videos on this it’s free and nearly anyone can do it being outside period has been found to help to significantly reduce serum cortisol levels and with that being one of the main factors that we want to try and reduce to make it so your body can tap into fat.

Burning mechanisms is a huge plus so if you’re able to get outside even if it’s just a park or if you live by the beach or a lake or a river or some type of natural environment even if it’s just walking on grass that can help make it so that you can naturally decrease your serum cortisol levels now studies specifically pointed out that it needs to be at least 15 minutes so if you have 15 minutes get outside to take a walk and that can help to reduce your serum cortisol levels so whenever you can get outside and go on a walk if it’s 15 minutes or if it’s 60 minutes it’s great to take advantage of that okay the second type of cardio swimming especially if we’re looking at just a casual freestyle swim again if you’ve been following me for a while you guys know about my history with anxiety and something I’ve struggled with since about fourth grade and something crazy that I noticed when I was training for triathlons.

When I was in college is that whenever I would do my swim workouts I always ended the workouts feeling really light and calm and just relaxed which was very abnormal for me and at the time I didn’t understand why I just knew that I felt really good after swimming but looking back at it and something that I still used something to this day for is that it helps to make it so that you’re forced to do controlled breathing and they’ve been numerous anecdotal as well as a study that I found controlled breathing and deep breathing exercises can help decrease your stress in cortisol levels when we’re in a state of fight-or-flight which is what cortisol produces it makes it so our breathing gets shallow and that can further stimulate more of that fight-or-flight mode however by bringing your body back to that deep breathing it shifts your body into something called parasympathetic mode which is your breast and repair mode.

This is the complete opposite of that stress-inducing state and exactly what we want for helping to get those cortisol levels back to a balanced state and swimming essentially forces you to do this deep breathing exercise for 10 to 30 minutes depending on how long you’re doing your swimming for it is going to be a little bit more intense and if you’re to go on a walk but it’s also really great if you have issues with joints and you can’t go on long walks for that reason swimming and doing a light swim like a freestyle swim where you’re pushing yourself too hard is a great way to help to naturally that cardio in and also decrease those stress levels now in the beginning especially if you’re not used to using swimming as part of your cardio routine you might want to stick with about 100 or 200 yards just to get used to eight that’s about four to eight laps but as you build up that cardio and you get used to the breathing exercise.

That the swimming forces you to do you can get into 10 or 30 minutes winds and it’s essentially like 10 or 30 minutes of meditation okay number three outdoor leisurely cycling now clearly when it comes to both swimming and cycling you can really crank up the intensity on these but it’s also possible to decrease the intensity on this and make it more of a relaxing experience while still getting those cardio benefits plus if you notice the trend here getting outside it’s something that’s really crucial for helping to decrease your serum cortisol levels and helping the tappman fat-burning mechanisms that leisurely type of outdoor cycling helps to further expose your body to being outside while also again getting in that cardio component with spring here and summer just around the corner that’s something that you can really deal with friends and family to get outside and just get a little active too now it is really important note that well structured paint or high-intensity interval training as well sprint workouts definitely can be included and not cause your body to go crazy with the cortisol levels if they’re done the right way and also depending on where you’re at with your hormone balance and cortisol balancing journey you might not want to include it just yet because when we look at something like hey or sprint training.

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