How We Can Stop Period Cravings And Lose Weight Instantly

How We Can Stop Period Cravings And Lose Weight Instantly

Introduction Of How We Can Stop Period Cravings And Lose Weight Instantly

How We Can Stop Period Cravings And Lose Weight Instantly. If you have a wellness goal in mind make sure you subscribe now first let’s start with the details about the main tube hormones we need to consider which are estrogen and progesterone estrogens biggest peak is right before ovulation so it’s after your period and right before your ovulation this peak of estrogen is what helps to tell your body to release that egg for ovulation after ovulation progesterone starts to peak and also drops right before you start your period and during this time you also will see a little bit of a peak in estrogen as well but typically the highest mouth will be right before ovulation and what’s interesting is that higher levels of estrogen have been found to increase water retention and cravings so that’s why there are just certain times a month.

Where you are going to feel a little bit puffier a little bit more out of sorts and this has nothing to do with your progress and the progress you’re making for your weight loss goals now there also have been some theories for scientists that when it comes around to your period as well as during ovulation our energy needs just increase our body needs a little bit more energy to do its job now this along with those peaks in estrogen could be why we’re experiencing those sugar cravings or various cravings during this time and as we’ve talked about with calorie restriction period when you start to limit yourself from what your body truly needs this is where your body will start to fight back and make those cravings even stronger well that’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re providing your body.

What it needs during this time so that you don’t have those sugar cravings that are more detrimental to your goals so instead of trying to suppress those cravings and eat less to continue with their weight loss goals it’s important to utilize the blood glucose stabilizing foods instead of the foods that will help to keep you satiated and help to prevent those cravings that are much more detrimental and if you’re not new to my channel you know that a perk of these foods is it helps to keep the info lo which is essential for helping your body to tap into fat-burning mechanisms and achieve your weight loss goal and these types of foods include those that are packed with protein fat and fiber and if you happen to eat a little bit more of these during this week because you are a little bit more hungry you know a little bit more of the protein or the fat or the fibers eat foods.

That’s completely fine your weight loss goals should load up on the foods that help to stabilize your blood glucose level help to make you feel satisfied so that it can help prevent you from craving those foods that are packed with sugar things like cookies and ice cream or even candy limiting the foods that make you satiated like the protein fat and fiber will likely only lead to further enhanced sugar cravings and therefore make you much more likely to indulge in those that will not make you feel good and definitely won’t help you to achieve your weight loss goal ok so let’s dive into five great foods you can be eating right before and during your period to help to prevent those sugar cravings.

Those are ruining your weight loss goals now the first is one of our favorites in Southern California, and that is avocados avocado is uniquely great because it is a rich source of both fat and fiber so remember protein fat and fiber all act separately to help to keep you satiated help prevent those sugar cravings an avocado contains two of those compounds not only will this help prevent the urge to munch on chocolate chips and cookies and popcorn it also helps to stabilize your mood as a result loading up on sugar-rich foods or very process and starchy foods will cause that inevitable rise and fall and crash in your blood glucose levels, and it’s when we experience that crash, and blood glucose levels that we experience things like anxiety or hangar and just not overall feeling perfect loading up on these sugar dense foods will cause more of that spike and fall in your blood glucose levels, and when you experience that fall it causes your body to increase the hormone cortisol.

Which is the stress hormone so it’s going to cause more stress and anxiety and make it so you’re more likely to then further indulge in those sugar-rich foods now thankfully you can add avocado to nearly anything you can even add it to your smoothies to replace a banana if you wanted to you can top it on scrambled eggs or a salad or on top of roasted veggies that you made or even make something like my spicy SoCal clock that’s in my complete intermittent fasting bundle number 2 grass-fed Greek yogurt now if you aren’t sensitive dairy then grass-fed Greek yogurt is great to help reduce cravings and now one observational study found that there’s a relationship between increased dairy consumption and reduce cramps cravings and bloating plus full fat.

Greek yogurt is a really great source of both protein and fat to keep you satiated in fact one cup can have up to 22 grams of protein depending on the brand and nine grams of fat and these two act together to hormonal e cause your body to decrease hunger and therefore decrease your appetite and urge to snack however of course it is non-existent of fiber and we do want to make sure you’re getting protein fat and fiber to help suppress those cravings and that’s to help to make it so that not only are you full right after your meal but also around four to five hours later and for this reason you can pair your Greek yogurt with something that’s really rich in fiber like chia seeds or flax seeds number three butternut squash panning on which protocol you’re following in the collate intermittent fasting bundle butternut squash can be a really great addition during this time butternut squash has a low glycemic load which means that it’s not going to have a really big impact on your blood glucose levels and therefore.

The fat storage hormone insulin incorporating the somewhat starchy ingredient with of course using that proper and nutrient timing from the complete intermittent fasting bundle can’t help to suit those carbohydrate cravings without causing even further cravings as a result because of a high blood glucose mountain crash now if it can be a little intimidating for you to use butternut squash because it’s confusing on how to cook it I have seen that there are even pre-slice and pre-peeled butternut squash you can get in the frozen food aisle section and you can simply just pour that on a baking tray with a little bit of olive oil salt and pepper bake that up and it’s a great addition to your meals number four well-caught salmon tuna and grass-fed beef now protein is one of the key important nutrients.

When it comes to keeping you satiated and preventing sugar cravings and these various fish and protein sources are amazing bioavailable sources of protein which means it’s very easy for your body to access it and use it Plus these are apparent sources of iron which is something that you’re going to be losing during your period as well so it helps to balance that out a good rule of thumb is aim for around 4 to 6 ounces of really high-quality protein sources at each of your meals but the amount you use will depend entirely on your needs if typically you have 4 ounces but during this time you’re a little bit more hungry and it’s not quite satisfying to just have that 4 ounces feel free to bump it up to 5 or 6 remember it’s much better to load up on these blood glucose stabilizing ingredients have a little bit extra of these to prevent the sugar cravings.

That will be much more detrimental to your goals number five unrefined coconut oil if you’re not having heat Oh coffee drinker then you’re already using this item on a daily and if you’re not here’s another reason why you should Quito coffee Cheers or matcha Cheers one small 2015 rat study found that the use of virgin coconut oil with rats helped you reduce the stress levels significantly when those rats are put under a stress test although I’m typically not a fan of MCT oil purely because I feel like there’s not a ton of research yet on whether or not a highly refined oil like MCT is great for our long-term health and again I could be wrong on NCT oil I just want to have that fair warning out there but if you are okay with using MCT oil and if you are looking to further increase your appetite NCT oil has been found to help decrease appetite better than just regular coconut oil.

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