The Top Carbs For Weight Loss And What You Need To Avoid Read All Factors

The Top Carbs For Weight Loss And What You Need To Avoid Read All Factors

Introduction Of The Top Carbs For Weight Loss And What You Need To Avoid Read All Factors

The Top Carbs For Weight Loss And What You Need To Avoid Read All Factors. Carbs aren’t evil but there are some carbohydrates that are going to be better than others for helping you achieve your weight loss goal so I’m gonna be sharing five starchy carbohydrates that are actually going to be kind of useful for you to help achieve your weight loss goal in today’s article and with carbohydrates we just really need to be smart about them just like with fat and protein and literally everything else you put in your body you need to make sure that you’re using the right types of foods especially for the goal that you’re looking to achieve now before we get into the specifics Archie carbohydrates let’s first define what starchy carbohydrates even are I think there’s a lot of misconception around this word now this might seem likely but starchy carbohydrates are carbohydrates that contain starches starches are just long chains of sugars or long chains of simple carbohydrate.

That are just formed together with what’s called a glycosidic bond now because they do have these bonds and these glycosidic bonds they take a little bit more time to break down and let’s say just a simple type of carbohydrate like glucose or fructose that means inherently the release of these carbohydrates into your system will be a little bit slower which is a good thing on the flip side it can still be a lot of carbohydrates because there are so many more of those simple carbs that are formed together in these starches now the goal when it comes to weight loss is really to make sure that your blood glucose levels are as stable as possible this will ensure that you don’t get those blood glucose swings or those the spikes and Falls that can cause a really big rush of insulin and put you in a storing mode and those swings will also make a serum more likely to snack on sugary food items because you end up getting hypoglycemia or low blood sugar as well instead we want to be able to make sure.

That you can get a slow rise and slow fall that’s going to make it so that you won’t have as much an aggressive spike in your insulin levels which remember you’re storing hormones and you’re not going to experience hypoglycemia that will lead you to snack on things that won’t support your wellness goals plus having a starchy carbs at your dinner time can also help to improve your sleep quality by naturally decreasing the stress hormone cortisol and allowing melatonin the sleep hormone to go up this goes long fenton nutrient timing that I dive into in the complete intermittent fasting bundle that the am peeps are using we want to find some starchy carbs that of course do contain some starches to allow for that natural reduction in cortisol we also want to make sure that it does contain some type of more satiating compound that’s going to slow the release further so remember those satiating compounds are proteins fat and fiber that will help to slow the release of that glucose into your blood supply to a little bit slower that way you can get the benefits of including a starch especially for repairing your muscles and getting great sleep.

While also not causing about really severe so I can fall on your blood glucose levels so just to use a reference I want to just give white rice as an example so just a half a cup of cooked white rice but usually people are having about a cup but a half a cup of cooked white rice has zero grams of fiber and 18 grams of starch so I just want to leave that as a reference so that you guys can see compared to the next five that we’ll be going over on how these can actually have a better effect on your blood glucose and say something like white rice or bread for that matter at least on a consistent basis so it brings us to our first starchy carb sweet potatoes now one medium sweet potato does have about an eight grams stretch though a lot less than that white rice plus it also has about four grams of fiber well sweetie Oh does contain some of those more simple sugars as well but pairing it with that fiber does help to slow their release and there are a ton of different sleep shadows.

I mean there’s purple sweet potatoes Japanese sweet potatoes aren’t it and you can get a ton of variety within this category I personally like to use sweet potatoes just chopped up and roast it in the oven lately I’ve also been making it mashed maybe it’s because this is turning to become fall and and not just like brings back memories of how I used to eat sweet potatoes / potatoes that I’ve also been just mashing it with a little bit of grass-fed butter and because there is such a variety I definitely recommend if you are going to use new potatoes slashing and trying out all the different types of sweet potatoes each one has a different flavor profile so even if you think that you don’t like you know regular sweet potatoes you might really love purple sweet potatoes okay number two black beans now about a half a cup of black beans contains 13 grams of starch so it’s still less than the white rice ranek black beans are going to be a little bit higher than sweet potatoes.

But what’s really great about black beans is that 1/2 cup has about 9 grams of fiber and 0 grams of sugar that’ll help to further slow the release of those sugars and starches aim to your blood supply now I make my own bloat free variety of beans and this is really the just original way of making beans which is where you soak them and then you cook them rather than having them canned grana you will find in my cookbooks that I do say canned or you can make homemade so you know I totally understand that not everyone has time to do that but if you are looking to help decrease the bloating component that can happen with beans definitely going for that more bloat for your route by soaking and then cooking will be really helpful for this and I love to use black beans but one of my favorite ways to have it is with the Kali rice breathable especially during the summer I make this all the time no takes like literally five to 10 minutes to make it maybe like 15 but still it takes no time to make and it there’s so much flavor and you get that starchy component and a good amount of protein from the black beans all right number three butternut squash.

So a cup butternut squash has about six grams of starch in four grams of the more simple sugars also for that satiating component contains about 7 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein so that combination will also help to slow down the release of the glucose into your blood supply getting more about stable blood glucose levels now personally for me butternut squash is something that I have to be in the mood to have it’s like I either love it or I’m just like me but when I’m really into it I tend to make a butternut squash soup I’ll pair with you know a main meal so it’s a really amazing way to have a or you could even just chop it up into cubes and then bake it with some other veggies as well all right number four spaghetti squash and I’ll spaghetti squash is one that’s particularly really great because you can have a lot more of it and still have less of the starch so 2 cups of spaghetti squash contains about in two grams of starch but it is a little bit higher on those simple sugars.

It has about 8 grams as well as 4 grams of the fiber to help slow the release now just like we saw with butternut squash about a cup is a serving there but with spaghetti squash you can’t have about 2 cups which is great especially if you’re looking for increase of Tidy of course this is a great substitute instead of pasta in fact I use this for like spaghetti squash bolognese oh yeas am I totally saying that wrong or you could just even put it as the base to one of your meals so I’ll often make homemade pesto and all roast up a bunch of broccoli and pair it with my favorite proteins and just have spaghetti squash as the base all right number 5 chickpeas or garbanzo beans now just like with the black beans these are going to be a little bit higher in the starch contains about 13 grams of starch it also contains about 3 grams of sugar.

But the protein is at about 7 grams and fiber is 6 grams for that 1/2 cup serving of chickpeas so beans or legumes in general are going to be one of the higher sources of starch but still it doesn’t get close to like the white rice for example where it was at 18 grams and it also does contain like an amount of protein and fiber to further help slow the release of those starches into your system and this is just a short list of the different really amazing starches that you can use for your walnuts especially if weight loss is one that you’re looking for I mean others include different roots and tubers and beans lentils vegetables and even with some of the ones we listed earlier.

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