How To Manage Your Office hours For Weight Loss Diet

How To Manage Your Office hours For Weight Loss Diet

Introduction Of How To Manage Your Office hours For Weight Loss Diet

How To Manage Your Office hours For Weight Loss Diet.  First of all depends on what benefit you’re looking for now if you’re looking to help improve your energy levels or improve your muscle mass 16 hours has been found to be really beneficial for that that way you can actually have enough time to refuel especially if you’re exercising a lot and you still get that increase in growth hormone and testosterone that can help with improving your muscle mass so one thing that I want to address here is I often get asked if you should fast longer if you’re looking for weight loss now I caution against this just because with the 16 hour you’re still able to get a semi-normal routine you’re still able to have breakfast lunch and dinner which means that yours are still able to enjoy social outings with your friends and family I know that there are some people who have found success with one meal a day or Oh mad or you know 20 hours of fasting with only 4 hour eating window but what I always look at is the sustainability factor so can you do this long-term with a 16 hour fast it’s much easier to stick with that long term and actually have that be a part of your routine.

So that you can get consistent results and not just you know yo-yoing because you can’t stick with it so longer isn’t necessarily always better and the first thing that I always want you to think about whenever you implement anything into your lifestyle is can I do this long term and of course the first week or so may always be a little bit more difficult or you might think no no I can’t do that that’s how I was when I first looked into intermittent fasting I was like no way I can’t fast for 16 hours but if after a first week or two you see that you can’t implement something long-term then I wouldn’t recommend it okay so Tut sorry if I’m not pronouncing that correctly it’s actually a really interesting question basically she’s describing that she’s been using the intermittent fasting program for three months and she used to really love eating junk food but lately she’s noticing that the junk food doesn’t taste very good to her again so something I seeds a lot of that they used to have a lot of things like ice cream or cookies or protein bars.

But after implementing proper nutrient timing intermittent fasting they just don’t like them anymore the reason why this can happen is because a lot of these more junk food items or processed items tend to really increase the flavor profile of those foods to make them a little bit more addictive or they’ll add in more sugar to make it more addictive and the reason why in the past you never really felt like you didn’t like these foods is because we’ve steadily been increasing it or steadily been exposed to it so that now this higher sugar level or higher crazy taste level is what you’re used to you and what you expect out of food but once you actually go back to eating real food with the proper nutrient timing with a stable blood glucose level and you go back to eating those really high sugar high praise the amount of added flavor of foods they don’t taste good because it’s such a shock okay Kaitlyn asked I’m a nurse on a general medical unit and see a lot of gut related issues do you see health care providers.

Starting to recommend if’ with the research that has been done you know this is actually a really cool one because a lot of my clients you know whether they have diabetes GERD party shoes or they’re just simply looking to lose weight they’ll typically come back to me and let me know that once they spoke to their doctor about what they’re doing with the program that I put them on their doctors are always like yeah keep doing it that is fantastic and they’ll even show me the blood test that they have before and after when we start to make those changes especially in relation to you the nutrient timing and intermittent fasting like just recently I had one of my clients who’s a 70 year old man and he had a previous heart attack now he used to have really high cholesterol levels he had high LDL.

He also had high triglycerides and he just recently came back for a follow-up appointment showed me his lipid profiles and his HDL LDL and triglycerides are all in very normal very healthy range in fact they’re in such a normal healthy range his doctor even cut his lipitor or his cholesterol medications in half I mean intermittent fasting general is going to stimulate that natural process of the m/m/c pathway which is a natural process a natural cleaning process for the body it’s also been found with helping to improve insulin resistance which is something that we know it’s a huge problem in the u.s. now whether or not the medical community or in hospitals they’ll start recommending it I’m not really sure but I do know that a lot of doctors are very interested in how positive benefits that their patients are seeing who have implemented it I think it is something that more and more nutritionists are going to start to come around to you and start having their use especially when it comes to gut health issues okay Monica in the a and Facebook group said I can’t get rid of belly and hip fat especially low belly.

So unfortunately this is something that’s super common it’s something and see very often in women due to that high cortisol level I mean we just live in a very stressful environment now I’m just emotional stress they’re also physical and chemical environmental there’s so many other stressors that we’re constantly being bombarded with so when it does come to belly fat or hip fat that is really tied with the stress hormone cortisol that’s actually why I created the whole hormone balancing series because this is something that I hear all the time and it doesn’t have to be this way this is we’re focusing on improving sleep quality which has been found to be equally as important to nutrition making sure that you follow proper nutrient timing to keep blood glucose levels stable so that you don’t have that spike in your cortisol as a result of the low blood sugar in fact specifically those if you are having difficulties with losing belly fat the hormone balancing protocol within the level up guide is perfect for that that’s exactly.

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