How To Bake Halloween Dessert recipes For Weight Loss

How To Bake Halloween Dessert recipes For Weight Loss

Introduction Of How To Bake Halloween Dessert recipes For Weight Loss

How To Bake Halloween Dessert recipes For Weight Loss.Halloween with some desserts that won’t ruin your wellness goals the main idea for how to include a dessert that’ll help you achieve your wellness goals and not hurt your wellness goals is to make sure that it is a lower sugar option and that it’s going to be more satiating we want to keep the sugar as low as possible while still satisfying that sweet tooth so that you don’t get those blood glucose spikes and Falls that result in the increased insulin that result in this storage mode but we also do want to make sure that it is satiating because no matter how low sugar it is if it’s not satiating you’re going to keep on wanting more and more and that, of course, it’s not going to work with your wellness goals so those are the two main factors that we’re going to be focusing on with the desserts that we talked about today so we’re first going to talk about three desserts and then for the fourth dessert.

I’m actually going to show you this recipe it’s super simple something that you actually can bring to a party if you wanted to or even while you’re passing out candy to trick-or-treaters you have this one on the side for you the first desserts that we’re going to talk about is avocado chocolate pudding sounds so weird I realize that because you don’t associate avocado with a sweet dessert but if you’re a chocolate pudding fan this is actually a way to have chocolate pudding without it having high amounts of sugar plus the fat will make it more satiating so you don’t need to have more and more of it this is actually something that I use with a lot of my clients who have younger kids who don’t really like avocado or don’t really like any type of healthy fats in fact I have one client who’s about six or seven and she wasn’t getting enough fat in her diet and instead was having a lot more processed food ingredients just because she was six and that’s what she liked and as a result she was in a much more inflamed state and so she had eczema once we were able to sneak in the avocado and also coke butter with another dessert.

That I’ve talked about in the past which actually swapped out those higher sugar foods that she was having and replaced it with these better sources of fat instead her eczema really went down and she never even knew that it was all about it now habul recipe for the avocado chocolate pudding down in the description below so you can use that it’s the one that I use for my client and it’s a great option for a lower sugar dessert that’s also going to be more satiating okay these second dessert talked about this one a lot but I really just want to bring it up again dark chocolate now dark chocolate actually has a ton of really great benefits mostly because it comes from cacao cacao is a really great source of magnesium of fiber surprisingly high in fiber actually and because it is slightly bitter it allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth but it doesn’t make you keep on coming back for more because of that slightly bitter taste now I recommend at least 72% dark chocolate if you like even darker better that just means it’s going to have more cacao in it which is where most of the benefits come from so about one ounce of this is perfect also guys.

I have something really exciting to announce if you haven’t seen in my previous article the fall intermittent fasting challenge which do you guys have been asking me so much about is starting on September 23rd that’s on a Monday so I have all the details on how you can join in down in the description below this last summer we have the second annual summer intermittent fasting challenge and the aim peeps all had such a really great experience where they had increased energy levels decreased bloating improved weight loss and just increased it tightly and overall feeling really great so if you want to join in on the fall intermittent fasting challenge starting September 23rd make sure you check out that link in the description below now since we’re on the topic of chocolate I mean chocolate is a really great way to have a dessert that’s not going to high in sugar the third one is chocolate-covered berries and specifically berries as we just talked about chocolate can have a lot of really great benefits and it’s going to be lower in sugar compared to something like a Snickers bar.

But if you want a little bit more of something some additional level of sweetness or maybe a little bit of tart that’s we’re making chocolate covered berries is actually fantastic for this plus the berries are in general lower sugar fruits particularly raspberries and they tend to be higher fiber too so remember we want to focus on satiety so with fiber you’re going to have the increased stretch mechanism in your stomach that tells your brain that it’s full pair that with the bitterness of the chocolate and you’re not going to have excessive amounts of chocolate covered berry and it’s really important make sure using fresh berries not dried because the dried berries aren’t going to have the water content that can also contribute to making you feel full so blueberries raspberries strawberries blackberries I realized some of those aren’t actually true berries but they do have similar types of profiles of the fiber and the lower sugar content okay now we get into the recipe so this recipe I called the peanut butter and chocolate bomb a typical Halloween dessert that I remember when I was young is Reese’s peanut butter cups.

So I actually took that peanut butter chocolate type of flavor and made it into this dessert so I actually pre made some so I can show you first I already clearly had a couple it’s really hot in here so this actually feels really good so this recipe is also very simple too it does have a small amount of sugar in it but it’s not highly processed form of sugar plus it does have the bitter aspect of the chocolate and the fat from the peanut butter which helps make it a little bit more satiating let’s make it I’m gonna put my chair back for this okay so the ingredients for this dish maple syrup so I use pure maple syrup organic so this isn’t going to be used with high fructose corn syrup which is actually something that’s very common with a lot of different types of maple syrup so just make sure that you’re getting here maple syrup and you can actually see in the ingredients I don’t know if you can see it on here but it literally says organic famil syrup and that’s it so if you had maple syrup at home make sure you check the actual ingredients label that it doesn’t say Patrick taste corn syrup so that’s a very common ingredient that’s used mainly for maple syrup.

So we’re going to be using a quarter cup of maple syrup and the whole rescue will just be down below in the description tube and then I have about a 1/2 to 3/4 cup of millet so this is puffed millet and millet is technically a seed and so you can get this usually in the bulk section of your grocery store or in the cereal aisle you just want to make sure that again the only ingredient is millet so basically what they’re taking here is they’re just taking millet which is a seed and they’re just putting it in the oven and allowing it to puff up kind of like popcorn so this allows it to have a little bit more substance holds this dish together and it also just makes it so it has some different textures and we’re going to be using a cup of just pure peanut butter you can also use almond butter cashew butter whatever your type you like so if you’re allergic to peanuts you can swap it out for whatever you prefer just make sure that it is just pure peanut butter or almond butter so in the ingredients that doesn’t have added oils or any added sugar.

The first step is to put everything except for the chocolate into this bowl I have the millet already in the bowl I’m going to add the peanut butter which means I have to measure it which means I have to wash this later so we have about a cup of peanut butter here adding that in and if you need to heat up your peanut butter a little bit to make a little melty that’s totally fine when I made this original batch yesterday I just freshly ground it at the grocery store so it was still a little like squishy so it’s perfect so definitely if you have access to that freshly ground peanut butter go that route it’s much easier to quarter cup maple syrup and I’m just going to mix this together you just want to mostly make sure that the maple syrup is all evenly stirred in and then that the millet is also evenly stirred in so this is roughly what you want it to look like now the next step is take about a tablespoon of the peanut butter mixture and then you’re just going to form it into little balls.

So it’s going to be pretty sticky at first and see my hands pretty sticky but that’s okay because these are going to freeze up and that’s how we’re going to dip it in chocolate ones I made yesterday we’re like much prettier and more round these one’s a little bit more sticky than yesterday they’re gonna have like some spikes I’m actually I’m gonna have a lot of these left so I’m probably gonna bring this to my Halloween party so depending on how big you’d make a little peanut butter balls you’re going to get more so this is the exact recipe I made yesterday and it made twelve thirteen fourteen and today I made them a little bit bigger and I made seven eight knots so really just depends on how big that you make them and how many servings you’ll get out of it so I’m gonna pop this in the freezer to allow them to harden so this is the part I always get made fun of about and it’s how I melt my chocolate chips so I don’t use a microwave and so how I melt it is using the old-school stovetop method all.

That you do is put your chocolate chips in some type of heat proof dish and then you put in some water so that you know easy coverage got an inch or so base I have a about medium heat and then you just let that sit so that’s the method that you can if you don’t want to use microwave of you guys can see my chocolate have been sufficiently melted so I’m going to be taking this out and I’m also going to take out our peanut butter mixture these are like semi soft now you could actually wait to put them in a little longer I waited about 10 minutes if you wanted to wait for like 30 minutes of probably better just a little set a little easier but this still works so you can see it’s a lot less sticky than it was before so I’m just going to dip this into the chocolate you just want the bottom part really you don’t even need a lot in there so I used about a quarter cup of chocolate but really we just need enough to make sure that we can get all these dipped if you like a little bit more chocolate then feel free to add a little bit more but you also might waste some chocolate if you use more than.

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