How Can We Burn fat Without Workout Exercise Can Be Possible

How Can We Burn fat Without Workout Exercise Can Be Possible

Introduction Of How Can We Burn fat Without Workout Exercise Can Be Possible

How Can We Burn fat Without Workout Exercise Can Be Possible? Weight loss goal even if you can’t exercise right now I always get this question whenever it comes around the fall or winter time especially for my East Coast AM peeps when there’s just like some crazy snowstorm happening which I’m so unfamiliar with down here in LA or maybe you broke your leg injuring your armor there’s just some reason that you can’t exercise and whenever that happens I always get a lot of questions asking can I still even cheat my weight loss school if I can’t exercise yes, in fact, you guys might have even heard that old saying weight loss is 80% nutrition 20% working out or remind you that nutrition 10% working out there’s no way to measure that but that rough estimation is actually really true now exercise especially walking is amazing for tapping into fat burning mechanisms helping to build strong muscles and just overall tone your body and achieving the fitness goals.

That you’re looking for but it’s not the end-all when it comes to weight loss or fat loss in fact nutrition is the key component for this and this is evidence time and time again especially with a and peeps when they do go to reduce their exercise amount but switch over to more the nutrition strategies that we’ll be talking about today and they achieve their weight loss goals and wellness goals faster the Sierra is a classic example of this and I’ll link her story down below so you guys can check it out the main focus when you keep work out but you still looking for that wellness goal or weight loss goal is to make sure that we can boost fat burning mechanisms while also making sure that we can increase satiety or keeps a tidy high so that brings me to rule number one is making sure that you aren’t starving yourself to calorie restriction, in general, can cause short-term weight loss I mean there’s plenty of information around.

That I can’t argue that but it’s not necessarily sustainable there’s one study that pointed out that a year after someone stopped their diet of calorie restriction they still had elevated hunger hormones a year later those elevated hunger hormones are going to make it impossible to be able to achieve your walnuts goals because you’re constantly going to have these cravings I’m sure plenty of you guys have experienced this before when you tell yourself no I can’t have that and then although you can think about is that whatever it may be now the reason why your hunger hormones go up and why weight loss is more difficult when you are restricting your calories is because your body starts to decrease or slow your basal metabolic rate or your BMR now I think that people don’t understand what this means in your body.

When your BMR decreases it’s not just that your metabolism is slowed but what’s actually happening within your body is there’s a decrease in energy going out to different sections or different processes within your body so this is why I often people who are on long term calorie restriction diets can sometimes have issues with fertility or even period loss because it’s kind of like the same thing that happens when you’re under a state of stress where your body shuts off blood flow from non-essential organs so that being organs such as your fertility organs or your GI tract that’s also why people might start to feel lethargic or tired or cranky and hangry during this time when you are in a calorie restriction diet your body’s essentially just trying to save yourself it’s keeping the energy for the most essential systems within your body meaning your brain your heart your lungs the things that you need to survive right now and that’s why your hunger hormones start to go up because it’s trying to compensate.

It’s trying to tell you eat more food so that we can actually get these systems running so then like conundrum comes in how do you lose weight if when you go to decrease your calories you get hungry and your body’s working against you an answer really comes down to this don’t fight your physiology work with it instead you want to tell your body that there’s enough food in this environment and that you don’t need to slow down your BMR and the best way to do this is to make sure that you eat until satiated so not eat until you feel slightly hungry still but eat until you actually feel satisfied and this is a pretty foreign concept for a lot of us because for so long we’ve been told to eat smaller portions eat smaller amounts of food especially when it comes to weight loss but for long-term results especially if you can’t work out right now you do need to make sure that satiety is one of the pillars of what you’re doing now in order to do this you do need to make sure you’re focusing on satiating foods.

So these are foods that contain the protein fat and fiber that will turn off those hunger hormones cause that stretch mechanism within the stomach that tells your brain there’s plenty of food in this environment we don’t need to slow down the BMR this also allows for those breaks between meals so you aren’t snacking between meals and as you decrease snacking this is also going to help to decrease your insulin and insulin is that storing hormones as much as we can keep it so you’re not having spikes of insulin throughout the day and that’s going to help your body tap and a fat-burning mechanisms you can’t have fat burning at the same time as raised insulin those are two counter effects so insulin is storing fat burning of course is breaking down so you can’t have both going on at the same time the really great place to start for this it’s definitely check out my fat burning smoothie recipe I think it’s right here you can use that and that’s a really great smoothie to start off your day and since we’re on the topic of full satiating meals over snacks in order to help with your insulin and blood glucose levels.

So that you can tap into a fat-burning my next tip is really to make sure you’re staying away from those easy convenience food items like protein bars chips and crackers especially popcorn as well even if they are low calorie because remember low calorie isn’t necessarily something that we want we want you to feel satiated but these foods aren’t mealed foods these aren’t going to make you feel satiated or if they do it’s not going to make you feel satiated for very long because it doesn’t contain the protein fat and fiber sources especially when you look at things like chips and crackers and popcorn it’s pure carbohydrates with a very little amount of fibers and not only does it not contain the protein fat or a very much fiber it’s just pure carbohydrates that are going to spike your blood glucose level and make it so that you crave more of those foods now protein or energy bar specifically I’ve talked so much about this I’m going to link the video down below as well as right here.

So that you guys can check it out because this is a very important topic that I think is holding a lot of people back and my last tip is to look into intermittent fasting of course I talked about this so much on my channel as being something beneficial for tapping into fat-burning mechanisms but especially if you can’t work out at all during this time those will just help to kick-start the fat-burning mechanisms even if you can’t include exercise if you’re unfamiliar with intermittent fasting or if you haven’t used it before make sure that you check out my whole playlist on this or you can also check out the complete intermittent fasting bundle which I’ll have a link down below guys I also have an announcement you’ve been asking me when the fall intermittent fasting challenge will be held it is going to start September 23rd we had an amazing time during the summer intermittent fasting challenge a lot of a.m. peeps felt energized happening fat-burning mechanisms.

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