Which Are The Most Common Mistakes That You Make To Gain Weight

Which Are The Most Common Mistakes That You Make To Gain Weight

Introduction Of Which Are The Most Common Mistakes That You Make To Gain Weight

Which Are The Most Common Mistakes That You Make To Gain Weight. Who are not new to my website know that I love smoothies I have them every day almost I should probably have had a smoothie every day for the past like years and I found them to be a key factor for helping me personally with my walnuts goals so this topic was originally a blog post on my website that did very well and a lot of people responded positively to you because they said they were making a lot of these mistakes so I want to share it with you guys so you can make sure you’re not making the same mistakes, okay smoothie mistake number one you’re using fruit juice as the base of your smoothie some common fruit juices are things like orange juice or apple juice and using about 10 ounces of this will add just with the base about 26 grams of sugar.

It’s more than a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and that’s not even including if you’re adding in more fruit on top of us and starting with this much sugar will throw your blood glucose levels on a rollercoaster ride for the rest of the day I’m for every spike that you have in blood glucose results in a spike of insulin that’s going to cause that storing mode to occur within your body so instead of using fruit juice as a base instead off for unsweetened nut milk like coconut milk or almond milk or macadamia nut milk empty milk I could go on there are so many options now and you can even make your coconut milk you guys know how easy it is the recipes right here make it so easy okay number two you are using way too much protein get it way what I often see is people do like a scoop of plant-based protein a scoop of collagen a scoop of BCAAs and just layer these on because they hear that all these are good for them but use all of them at once.

In the same smoothie this can cut up to quite a lot of protein depending on the brands that you’re using this could lead to 40 50 grams of protein in one smoothie and masters from the protein powder including any other ingredients that you’re adding in protein in the bodies mainly used for hormones or muscle repair we’re helping with the creation of new cells it’s not used as a fuel source in fact when we reach that max on how much protein that we need in a day our body at just it’s to convert that protein into carbohydrates through a process called gluconeogenesis so if you are upping the protein content pass what you may need then theoretically you’re just increasing the carbohydrate content of your smoothie now if you are using protein powder or salt make sure its high-quality source I’ve talked about this a lot before just use one of the serving recommendations you don’t have to overdo it and add all these.

Other protein sources in really from your protein powder 15 to maybe even 30 grams at most is all that you’ll need because remember you’re still going to be adding in other ingredients for your smoothie especially if you’re doing it the right way that will increase the protein content even further okay number three you’re using the raw kale in your smoothies and okay technically this isn’t one for weight loss but it is a really big important factor for bloating now a pretty shocking amount of people in the US and even in the world are experiencing a lot of gut issues one of the more catch-all phrases is IBS or irritable bowel syndrome but we also have issues like Thrones are all sorry to polite it or even SIBO now if you have one of these conditions having raw kale is not necessarily a good idea very hard to break down which can cause extra stress on the GI tract it also has a ton of hard to break down fibers that only really our gut bacteria can break down.

Which can cause a lot of bloating as a result but if you still did want to use kale it’s not that you can’t use kale you just don’t want to use the raw form so this is kind of a lengthy process but if you do like to use kale then you could always steam it and then freeze it and just add it into your smoothies that way that helps at least predigest the kale so you don’t have to work as hard breaking it down number four you’re skimping on the fats we always talk about on this channel on how in order to maintain satiety which is very important for weight loss goals we need protein fat and fiber that’s really easy be scared of fat because there’s this whole mentality that fat will make you fat but this can’t be further from the truth at least not fat when used properly fat does not cause that insulin response way that carbohydrates do and remember insulin is the storing hormone that also increases the satiety of your meal which is very important again for weight loss and rose for you know feeling good.

So in order to help stabilize blood glucose love is also to increase the tidy of the meal don’t shy away from facts you can check out an example this with this video for my fat-burning smoothie recipe okay number five you’re using way too much fruit fruit is not evil fruit is definitely not bad there’s a lot of really great health benefits that are tied to it but just because it’s not bad doesn’t mean that way too much of it is not going to cause problem fruit still is going to be a source of sugar and especially if it’s in something like a smoothie where since its blended it’s essentially predigested and easier to absorb into your system it can still cause more of those blood glucose spikes and Falls that can lead to making you feel more hungry more mood swings and caused that increase in insulin that can lead to storing mode now something you have to totally get rid of fruit from your smoothie in fact again you’ll see in a lot of my smoothies I still include a small amount of for you.

Just you don’t want to overdo it you don’t want to be using multiple cups worth of fruit or multiple bananas in your smoothie because the sugar content can really start to build on it best shape you’re using fruit juice as your base too and this is what can happen in a lot of acai bowl places so just make sure you’re looking out for that right number six you’re not getting in any variety with your smoothies and I know it’s very easy once you find the thing that you love to just keep having the same thing but this really limits you own the different type of nutrients that you’re getting for example just looking at the different types of fats that you can use almond butters a really great source of vitamin E but chia seeds are a much better source of fiber so alternating your fats alternating the fiber sources even alternating your protein sources can help to make sure that you’re getting the nutrients that your body actually needs number seven you’re never adding in any spices this can seem like such a strange.

One cuz what do spices have anything to do with our weight loss goals now it’s not that you have to add spice into every smoothie that you’re having but it can actually really benefit your health and your weight loss goals to occasionally or more often add in some spices now one of the most well-known spices and benefits for weight loss is cinnamon there have been studies that have found that Ceylon cinnamon is really helpful for balancing blood glucose levels and remember that’s one of the main goals for helping you to tap and fat burning mechanisms is to make sure we reduce that spike in fault so by adding in cinnamon you can help to further stabilize your blood glucose levels and then, of course, there are the anti-inflammatory types of spices like ginger and turmeric that are great to throw into your smoothies.

I put it in my pineapple turmeric smoothie also the ginger cacao and just like was switching up your smoothie ingredients switching up the different Isis is also a great way to switch up the benefits to okay number eight you’re using nut butter that contains a whole bunch of added nonsense this one might be a little more intuitive but making sure that the nut butter that you’re using for your fat source is free of any added ingredients so you don’t want there to be things like the safflower oil or sugar is a very common one much more common than you think but safflower or other oils like canola are usually used especially for the roasting process of those peanuts or almonds and that’s essentially just oxidized fats that can cause increase information in the body plus it’s just not good for your health.

Anyway, it’s not going to make you feel any better by having these lower quality nut butter so just make sure that any of the nut butters you’re using or seed butters as well don’t contain sugar or any types of added oils so you just want to see whatever the nut or seed is in the ingredients all right number nine you’re using box nut or seed milks in their original form this one is a very tricky marketing scheme because you would think that original would be the unsweetened form but it’s not you have to specifically seek out unsweetened the original does tend to contain those added sugars.

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