Do You Know How Much Water You Should Drink In A Day To Weight Loss

Do You Know How Much Water You Should Drink In A Day To Weight Loss

Introduction Of Do You Know How Much Water You Should Drink In A Day To Weight Loss

Do You Know How Much Water You Should Drink In A Day To Weight Loss? Shouldn’t you be drinking a full gallon of water per day to lose weight a weight loss is a goal then you heard this one before first and when it comes to how much water you really should be drinking there are two frames of thoughts that you know people tend to go to you either a gallon day or half your body weight in ounces now you will get pretty drastically different numbers there depending on which one you choose but neither of them is wrong so make sure you say till the end because each person will have a different number than they need to be drinking or water, of course, drinking water is important we know that it’s essential for staying hydrated and our body is roughly 60% water?

So it just gives you an idea of how important water is but water acts as the medium for chemical reactions to happen so even the chemical reaction of breaking down fat into energy requires water to be present for that to happen even just with the two percent decrease in your hydration status and have a massive impact on your athletic performance now the Mayo Clinic suggests as well as what I have learned in my master’s program for sports nutrition you need about 2.6 ish liters per day of water to be hydrated and that’s for women but for men they need about 3.8 liters so it’s about 88 ounces for women and 120 ounces for men but even this number can range a lot for example if you’re super active and you’re sweating you’re going to losing a lot of that water that you need to replace and in addition to that if you live in a really hot area again where you are sweating then you’ll need to be drinking more water or if your mouth breather.

When you sleep you are actually losing more water that way as well going back to you why it actually can be helpful for weight loss you guys have definitely seen this before for people who are probably like weight lifters or maybe those who are trying to lose weight hang around that like big jug of water and people who do this swear by they swear that it’s like the life-changing moment for their weight-loss goals now there is actually some truth to this but it might not necessarily be the fact that they’re drinking water there’s a cap on really how much liquid you can be having or how much you might be craving and if you’re drinking water that means you’re replacing something else with the water so you might be replacing that second cup of vanilla latte coffee or additional water which means that you’re going to be lowering your sugar intake us by simply removing that vanilla latte another reason why increasing your water is really helpful is because it makes you feel more full I mean there’s literally a stretch mechanism within your stomach where as it starts to stretch out that sends signals up to your brain.

That you’re full that’s also I would talk about fibers being important for weight loss because fiber does that same thing where it causes the stomach to stretch out a little bit which sends those messages up to your brain saying that you’re full but here’s where some problems can happen with drinking too much water and it’s a little more common than you may think cuz you guys ever see like those marathon runners who just collapse suddenly toward the end of their race or I even think there’s like a radio show where they challenge people to drink water and one woman died from drinking too much water well having too much water can lead to something called hyponatremia and it’s not that this is too much water it’s an imbalance of your electrolyte levels specifically.

It’s where your sodium levels get too low even though sodium gets a bad reputation the most important thing when it comes to nerve transmission and this is called a sodium-potassium ion channel and if you don’t have enough sodium to be able to have those nerve transmissions it can lead to things like seizures or coma or even death now that’s why we’re always talking about making sure that you get the electrolytes in first thing in the morning when you are in your most dehydrated state because you don’t want to just load up on water but not have the electrolytes that go along with it that’s where the pinch of Celtic sea salt is really important for making sure that you get those electrolytes in so will you get hyponatremia from drinking a gallon of water per day most likely not you need to be drinking a pretty high amount of water and not consuming any type of electrolytes for this to happen but I wanted to bring it up.

Because it can happen and it is possible and it has happened and as we talked about hydration is important for energy levels having those chemical reactions that can occur within your body or that stretch mechanism that helps you to feel full but it’s also important for helping to push that out of your body so that you don’t get constipated too excited no that’s one problem a lot of people have when they do start to increase their fiber intake they don’t increase their water intake to go along with it and that can lead to constipation but do you need to be drinking a gallon of water not necessarily in fact if you’re only drinking 1012 20 ounces a day right now then I wouldn’t necessarily recommend jumping to that eighty-eight ounces that’s recommended or the 120 ounces.

That’s recommended for men gradual increases on your once’s of water that you drink per day is going to be a more realistic approach where you don’t feel like it’s daunting if you’re at 20 ounces right now then just try increasing it to another 12 ounces and then every week from there increase it by another 12 ounces until you get to that goal of at least that 88 ounces keep in mind you might need to increase your water from there if you are in a hot environment or if you are working out a lot and you’re sweating but really about an extra 16 to 20 ounces in addition to that is all you need also if you’re drinking a lot of caffeine throughout the day then this is another way where you can swap in water and also really improve your hydration status happy is a diuretic.

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