What Is Healthy Vegan And Which Is Your Mistakes For Vegan Let’s Read

What Is Healthy Vegan And Which Is Your Mistakes For Vegan Let’s Read

Introduction Of What Is Healthy Vegan And Which Is Your Mistakes For Vegan Let’s Read

What Is Healthy Vegan And Which Is Your Mistakes For Vegan Let’s Read?  I’m going to be going over with you guys today now whether you’re brand new to eating more vegan lifestyle or you’ve been using it for a while but you just haven’t been feeling very great these tips are going to be amazing for you so that you can actually use this vegan lifestyle and feel amazing now when I was vegan I was always sick I never felt great I had very low energy levels and it was not the vegan protocol’s fault it was my fault because I did it 100% wrong and my freshman year of college was probably not the best time to implement this especially back when I was in college and a lot of these vegan-friendly foods were not as accessible I also didn’t have a kitchen so that didn’t help also keep in mind I had zero of this education that I have now so I was doing this just based off of reading a couple of different vegan books and trying to just be a vegan.

I pretty much only ate rice and beans maybe I would throw in like a vegan canned chili every now and then because that was what I could make in my rice cooker but that’s pretty much it I lived in a dorm so I didn’t have very great food available to me I tried to eat veggies but there just weren’t a lot of veggies available there also just weren’t very great sources of fat available so there weren’t very many nuts or seeds that I could have four avocados or olive oils so needless to say I did it very wrong and I didn’t feel great and so I don’t want that for you so let’s dive straight into these tips on how you can use veganism and do it the right way know the first common mistake that I’ve been seeing with a lot of people isn’t that you aren’t eating a protein but you’re eating a lot of processed types of proteins so things like fake meats which are essentially just a bunch of P protein this is a problem for a variety of reasons if you get the plant-based whole source of proteins from things like beans or lentils or even higher protein veggies.

Then you’re going to be getting a lot of other nutrients that go along with that protein so things like fiber and vitamins and minerals things that’ll actually help your cells to thrive and be able to do what it’s supposed to do but with the plant-based you know like fake proteins or protein alternatives those are pretty much just protein powders and that’s it so you’re missing out on a lot of the really great benefits that go along with eating more veggies with a vegan diet so my first tip based on this mistake is to make sure that you include more of the whole food sources of protein so things like beans or lentils even some seeds are pretty surprisingly high in protein even different veggies are pretty high in protein to in fact something like broccoli even just one cup of it which isn’t very much contains about 3 grams of protein no it’ll take time to figure out your protein needs and what it is that your body needs but focusing on the whole food sources and getting a variety of these in is going to be amazingly.

So much more beneficial for you than just having these fake protein meat options alright number two this one might seem obvious but I have to put it out there because I’ve seen this happen don’t skimp out on your veggies I mean with a vegan diet it seems like that would be pretty obvious right to have more veggies but oftentimes what I see a lot of vegans do is they just start to increase things like right for pasta which I will be getting into with a tip in a second with a vegan diet the base of most of your meals should be vegetables you should be having your plate filled with vegetables remember I mentioned a lot of the vegetables do you contain a pretty moderate amount of protein again this is where you’re going to be getting a lot of those vitamins and minerals that are essential for feeling great plus the increased fiber will really help with their GI tract – as long as you’re also making sure that you are drinking more water so this is like a part 2 of this second tip is to make sure.

That you really increase your water intake because you’re likely also very much increasing your fiber intake from increasing your veggies now if you have increased fiber without increasing your water intake then that can cause a lot of constipation as well as bloating so you do want to make sure that you are increasing your water depending on where you’re at you might not have to increase it too much just making sure that you are drinking more water right number 3 don’t be scared of fats now I know that there are a lot of vegans who actually are afraid of that and so they do incorporate things like a lot of cashew cream cashews seem to be one of the main sources of fats in a lot of vegans diet but with that in mind even if you aren’t afraid of fasting you are including fats it’s important that you get a variety now it’s really cool about all these plant-based foods is that you’re actually going to be getting so much from each of these different foods so just for example something like hemp seeds has a pretty good amount of fiber.

It also has protein it also has fat so when you shift more towards the whole foods and step away from the processed foods that are I understand easy to gravitate towards you’re going to reap the benefits of having more plants in your diet so just make sure you get a variety some amazing ones include hemp seeds chia seeds cashews pumpkin seeds walnut Mekons high nuts and that’s just in the nut and seed world but there are also things like avocados and olives so just make sure that you get a variety of different fats in and what I alluded to earlier with the processed food swaps number four don’t use pasta every day and don’t use it as a base for most of your meals now this is a mistake but I made when I was in college because it’s easy and it’s inexpensive mostly because it’s easy and who doesn’t love pasta.

But you’re not going to get the benefits of a vegetarian or a vegan diet if you just simply swap out a protein source for refined pasta now this contains essentially nothing that your body needs other than just some carbohydrates so instead of using pasta as the starch component of your meals use something that’s going to help stabilize your blood glucose levels so you don’t get energy crashes or so you don’t feel hungry throughout the day so things like sweet potatoes or squash which there’s so much variety within squashes squash I especially coming into fall butternut squash acorn squash delicata kabocha pumpkin there’s so many different options that you can play around with and have a lot of fun with and then of course even beans are a really good option that you can use or one of the bases of your meal.

Five this is probably the most common mistake I see and it’s don’t only eat fruit though a lot of people in the first transition over to a vegan diet eat a ton of fruit and it’s not that fruit is bad fruit does contain a lot of really great benefits but it is still you know nature’s candy and we don’t want to be having a massive amount of it at each meal so just to give an example every vegan client and she told that she used to have about three different bananas and then a bunch of berries and a lot of other fruit and her smoothie and within one or two hours she would feel that energy crash and she would feel anxious that’s the result of having so much fruit at one sitting we’re going to get those blood glucose spikes and Falls and those resulting crashes.

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