Daily Fat Burn Tips And Tricks

Daily Fat Burn Tips And Tricks

Introduction Of Daily Fat Burn Tips And Tricks

Daily Fat Burn Tips And Tricks. So perfectly tailored to make sure that you can just keep that price down for actually being able to eat healthy food that’s going to serve your goals so thrive market is sponsored for today’s article and what I love about them because the vast majority of you guys are all over the US but you don’t necessarily have access to a grocery store that has things like chia seeds or flaxseed or even hemp seeds things that we’re going to be using in our smoothie today you can get it shipped directly to your door and it’s way more affordable than going to a health food store anyway but just to give an example I got there it was aggressive I got their organic chia seeds from their website and typically the 6-ounce bag will cost about I think is $15.99.

But because I’m a thrive market member I got it from Lee for $7.99 which is pretty amazing and since it gets delivered straight to your door it’s super easy super affordable and you can get these organic natural foods for about 25 to 50 percent lower than the amazing retail price that’s what this whole video is about is making sure that we can keep the cost of healthy food low but you can also get like Beauty Supplies there and eco-friendly cleaning supplies and they even offer free shipping for all orders over $49 and guys you see on my channel I pretty much never work with brands I’m super choosy on who I work with because I only want to show you guys what I truly believe in and that I think will help you and it’s also pretty awesome because thrive market is adding discount for you guys so in addition to all those discounted organic food prices you’re also going to be getting an additional 25% off and a 30-day free membership trial.

So I’ll have the link down below and honestly guys like this thing that you have been asking me about on where to get these foods like the chia seeds the coconut butter all these things that I’m going to be talking about today this is how you can do it and this is how you can also keep it affordable so thank you to thrive market I’m gonna be using all the things in our video today so let’s jump straight into making this smoothie in case you’re wondering what that is I have a little experiment going on I’m making homemade coconut yogurt so if it works out I’ll be sharing it with you guys all right first things first our blender first ingredient we have is homemade coconut milk and whole video on how to make homemade coconut milk but it’s pretty awesome because there’s another way to save money and have a higher quality product and it takes five minutes to make everyone who hears that doesn’t believe me until they do it and they’re like can it taste.

So much better and you get coconut butter out of it too okay I myself I like using nut milk over like oat milk for example which you guys know you’ve seen on that video because it helps to keep the Sugar’s low and that’s something that we want in order to make sure that the blood glucose levels are stable that you can tap into fat-burning mechanisms more efficiently and so you don’t get hungry so I’m adding about 10 to 12 ounces of this in here maybe a little more because it’s made out of unsweetened coconut flakes it’s about an ounce per serving and that makes it at about 37 cents so actually for this whole recipe I’ll also have it written down below so that you can just copy it and then throw it on your phone note section do it every day alright now let’s get into the chia seeds so remember got that but I already have it pre measured and you can also tell that I did something really not smart just this little chunks I did a rookie smoothie mistake and I went to scoop the peanut butter first which is one of our next ingredient and then scoop the chia seeds that wasn’t smart and all these little chunks of peanut butter in here.

So with the chia seeds we’re wouldn’t be getting a lot of Li protein the fat and the fiber chia seeds are actually an amazing source of fiber is how we can actually really significantly increase the fiber just so important for staying satiated so I have about two tablespoons right here and if you guys have made some my smoothies before you know that she’s eat something that I really love to incorporate if you don’t have the strongest blender then you can also even just pre grind your chia seeds so that they emulsify a little bit better and two tablespoons lot roughly equates to about 49 cents another really great source of fiber fat and even some protein is going to be flax seeds and what I also love about seeds is that they are remarkably inexpensive considering you really only use a tablespoon which by the way that was a tablespoon it actually comes out to be about twelve cents or that tablespoon so it’s a pretty great source of fiber and getting those healthy fats and getting in some amount of protein but keeping the cost low next peanut butter so I personally prefer almond butter right now at least I go through phases I was obsessed with peanut butter for a while and now I’m like back on the almond butter bandwagon but if you are looking to keep costs lower organic peanut butter is a really great option and it’s another type of fat that we’re getting in for our smoothie to help keep you satiated help get that gap between heels.

So that you can keep those fat-burning mechanisms on and give your gut some rest I got this one from thread market and I believe it was about $5.99 per pound for the organic peanut butter and so for a tablespoon it’s about 18 cents I pre sort of these earlier so it’s all set and I didn’t have to make you guys wait but now it’s all like room temperature and hard to get out now another really great way to save money on your smoothie it’s just not used protein powder I talked about in I think last week’s video about how protein powder isn’t necessarily necessary it can be convenient but it is also more expensive so if you’re looking for a more Whole Foods throughout and you’re looking to keep costs down one thing I like to use are hemp seed so not only are they going to contain protein which is great and that’s what we’re looking for but it’s also going to contain some fibers an anti-inflammatory omega-3 fat and for about 2 tablespoons of them or the organic one it’s about 72 cents I hate measuring so this is directly a tablespoon but let’s get a second one in there and this is also something that you can order from thrive market.

I just like to put online these two cute little glass jars they have their own thrive market brand that’s less expensive than all the other organic hemp seeds so you can get that one too so this is switching it up I typically use blueberries for my smoothies I just like it because it’s very easy high in antioxidants slower sugar but I feel like making sort of a pina colada e type of smoothie today so we’re going to be adding in pineapple now you can swap this for about 1/4 cup of blueberries as well if you want to that’s actually going to be a less expensive route and help bring the cost down a little more but I just felt like this alright guys so we’re we’re having some pineapple organic frozen pineapple about a quarter cup now that is going to be about 69 cents ish depending on the brand that you get and the last ingredient is banana I’m gonna put my so bananas are a fairly inexpensive fruit so it’s really great I think that equated to if I do my math correctly about 12 cents for a half of a banana but if you wanted to bring the sugars down even lower then you can also swap that for about a quarter to a half cup of cauliflower rice as well and I realize that sounds really weird but it’ll give it the thickness that you’re looking for for your smoothie without these sugars as well.

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