What Is Motivation And How Can I Boost It

What Is Motivation And How Can I Boost It

Introduction Of What Is Motivation And How Can I Boost It

What Is Motivation And How Can I Boost It. Zero motivation we’ve all been there sometimes taking the steps to achieve your walnuts goals like making the foods that support your goals or getting your workout in can just feel like a little too much perhaps you’re in a bit of a motivation rut and you’re just trying to figure out how to get out of it I’ve been there too I think all of us have been there at some point and it can be frustrating especially if you have some type of wellness goal that you want to achieve a few weeks ago in the weekly newsletter I shared my top strategies on how I get out of the motivational rut and it’s something that you guys like.

So I wanted to expand on that so that I can show you what I specifically do so you guys can get out of whatever motivational rut you’re in and start achieving your wellness goals if you are new to my channel my name is autumn and I’m a certified clinical nutritionist with my master’s nutrition Human Performance on my channel I’m typically talking about the science back and holistic methods that you can use in our achieve your wellness dreams so if you have a wellness goldmine make sure well the first very important factor.

I’ve found for breaking through some type of motivational plateau or dip in motivation is identifying stressors I found that a lack of motivation sometimes has nothing to do with my actual wellness goals at all sometimes I found that perhaps I’m just feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed in life in general and got my motivation for my wellness goals just gets pushed to the back of my mind now the first thing I do whenever I’m just not feeling it or motivation is low as I try an ID if I have any of these stressors and pinpoint what those are now sometimes this can take a little bit of digging and sometimes we don’t always have control over reducing the stressors that are in our life but first identifying them and then also identifying the stressors that you have control over is the first step for making sure.

That we can get back on track with our motivation for our wellness goals and depending on the stressors you may have total control or zero control over them but regardless it’s important to control what we can’t for myself this is why I created my cortisol balancing morning routine I found that this helps me to get ahead of those dressers from the start of the day by not creating more stress in the morning for yourself than you have to and by putting yourself in that right mental headspace at the start of the day it can really help just lower your stress or help you to respond better to stressors later in the day and this is especially important if you do have a lot of those stressors that are out of your control in recently shared a step by step of my cortisol balancing morning so if you want to check that out and what you can do.

I’ll have it linked right here and down the description below we have a second step is to eat something different food fatigue is a huge damper to motivation I see it with myself I see if my clients I see if am peeps it is a very common factor to zero motivation if you’re eating the same thing every single day you’re not switching up your meals this can make it so you got really tired and really bored of what you’re eating and this in itself just drains your motivation and this is why I’m meal prepping or meal planning cuz sometimes you’re really big motivational Buster for a lot of people sometimes are self included I like to still make a plan for myself of what I’m going to eat during the week but I make sure that each of my dinners is a different meal that way I’m not getting food fatigue from eating the same thing for dinner every single night and if there are days where I just don’t feel like what I had planned I’ll either swap days or I’ll try and get creative with the ingredients.

That I do have from that meal that I was going to make and even just switching up the flavors of the sauces that you’re using for whatever you were going to me can make a big difference I mean you could have the same ingredients of some type of protein and vegetables and have it be a refreshing pesto bowl or a spicy miso bowl depending on what flavors you’re feeling like and you’re only changing the sauce I mean this is why it might complete intermittent fasting bundled protocols or in the recipe section, I have those different sauce recipes because this is something that a trick that I use for myself all the time I mean some examples, of course, are pesto or tahini or me so those are all different ways that you can incorporate different sauces and get completely different types of meals with essentially the same ingredients another thing.

I like to do when I’m planning my weekly meals is also to just get inspiration from different cookbooks or different recipe shows I then take the basic idea of those different recipes that seem inspiring to me and I’ll just match them up with my a and nutrient timing that’s in the complete intermittent fasting bundle to make a meal that I really like and that’s different and that’s just inspiring again cuz being excited about your food is such human nature and it’s something that can help to boost your motivation I know some people are just not foodies and this doesn’t apply to them but I also know that there are a lot of people.

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