How Can Spot The Difference Between Bloating And Belly Fat

How Can Spot The Difference Between Bloating And Belly Fat

Introduction Of How Can Spot The Difference Between Bloating And Belly Fat

How Can Spot The Difference Between Bloating And Belly Fat? We’re clearing uploading is also not water retention what bloating is trapped gas in your GI tract and if you’re on a weight-loss journey and you’re using measurements to track your progress experiencing floating can make it seem like your measurements are a lot larger than what they are and this is evident especially if you are around weight loss journey and you see your body fat percentage is going down but your measurements are going up this is where there could be that discrepancy of bloating as an issue now bloating in the trapped gas that’s associated with loading are typically caused by bacteria that are fermenting your food bacteria will munch on certain foods a little bit more than other foods as it’s passing through your GI tract and as a byproduct of the well-fed bacteria.

You essentially get these little bacteria farts like it trapped in your GI tract super Sayan see a way of explaining it in this gas that’s released by the bacteria from the fermentation of the food that’s going through your GI tract is what causes you to feel that bloating or that distension of your belly okay so what about belly fat what’s that belly fat, on the other hand, is waking that you specifically get around your belly this means that the fatty acids are specifically getting stored in fat cells around your belly this is not a form of gas like we have with blowing and belly fat can have a few main driving factors the first comes out to you genetics where our body chooses to store fat is largely dependent on our genetics for example.

Some people will just naturally gain weight in their butt and thighs versus others who might gain weight in their abs and their arms with this genetic component in mind any amount of weight gain will lead to weight gain around the belly if you have that predisposition of that genetic component of weight gain to your belly but this also doesn’t mean the genetics is the only cause of waking or with belly now another really important factor to belly back production is the hormonal aspect studies have found that higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol lead to weight gain specifically around the belly of cortisol is our fight or flight hormone and we naturally release higher amounts of it in the morning to help us get the energy to get up and get going but then naturally cortisol is supposed to decrease steadily throughout the day but when we start to stimulate that chorus all production later in the day are throughout the day.

So it stays high that’s when we get the issues of waking specifically around the belly and that higher level of the stress hormone can be caused from a multitude of factors ranging from too much caffeine or having coffee too late in the day perhaps overtraining or not sleeping enough or just overall a very stressed lifestyle now the speculated reason of why it is that cortisol causes that weight gain is because cortisol’s main job when you’re in that state of stress is to make sure that there’s more glucose in your blood supply so that you have energy to get out of a dangerous situation now of course if you have just short bursts of cortisol like if you are in a stressful situation or if you’re working out and you have a well-balanced routine this is perfectly fine and normal but if you’re in that higher stress state all day and if you’re constantly dumping in that blood glucose as a result of that increased cortisol level that’s when some problems with weight gain around the belly can occur.

Because with that elevated blood glucose level from that stress hormone here comes into play that storing hormone insulin and insulin is the really important hormone that we want to consider when it comes to achieving an overall weight loss goal because when insulin is high our fat burning is shut off and we’re in that storing mode instead and it appears that when we have this cortisol insulin connection that’s when we get the waking specifically around the belly even if you don’t have that genetic predisposition of gaining weight around the belly so there’s a big difference between bloating and belly fat bloating is largely a shorter-term response to foods that you’re eating right at that moment or it could be the more chronic response if you have issues like SIBO or IBS that cause your body to have that excess gas production and cause that sensation of bloating a belly fat.

On the other hand, is that physical storage of fat specifically around the belly which of course has multiple causes with genetic and weight gain or with that stress and form connection of waking so first how do you stop bloating getting rid of bloating is a multi-step solution but one of the most impactful things that you do right away is stimulating something called your migrating motor complex or your MMC sounds very complicated by pond view it’s very simple the MMC is essentially just a series of contractions and secretions that your small intestine and your stomach make to flush out that left behind food and bacteria that would typically cause bloating so the more that we can stimulate that MMC the more that we can flush out the food and bacteria that’s causing you to feel bloated in the first place.

Now here’s the thing you have to remember about the MMC it’s stimulated by not eating and specifically, it needs at least 3 hours of 45 minutes of not eating anything or not drinking anything other than water to go through a full cycle if you eat anything during that 3 hours and 45 minutes that’s where you can stop MMC and you’re at risk of causing bloating there are two ways to go about this stimulation of MMC you can either use a 3 mill structure we’re inherently going to have at least four hours in between your meals and you’re not snacking between those meals or you can use intermittent fasting with intermittent fasting you’re inherently getting that MMC stimulation by.

Just simply not eating first thing in the morning both of these methods will stimulate your MMC so it’s just about finding what it is it’s going to work for you I do have a whole article on breaking down these differences of how you can stimulate your MMC and your options that you check out right here and if you’re wondering if you can count sleeping as you’re not eating period it looks like the MMC is significantly slowed down when you’re sleeping so for best results especially if you are experiencing a lot of bloating you want to make sure you’re stimulating your MMC when you’re awake okay now that bloating is covered how do we stop belly fat.

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